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Just gettin started, so these questions are probably easy to answer.  I have just gotten a Mac with Snow Leopard and Logic 8 Express and I admit I don't know a lot about either.  But here is my first question.  I plugged my guitar in using a 1/4" jack to USB cable that says it works with Mac OSX and Logic.  WHen I play I can see the meters running and I know sound is going into the program.  I can record and play it back and again see the meters bounce.  But I hear no sound through the speakers or headphones.  Did I miss something in the setup?  Is it muting the audio to prevent feedback?  It seems like it would be as simple as clicking the right box in a options box or something but I'm stumped.  When I unplug that cable and just try to play a virtual instrument or something every thing is fine.  It could out loud and clear.  Any thoughts?

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    Your guitar cable obviously works, but your issue is probably with your audio preferences setup.  You may need to create an "aggregate device."  Scary-sounding but not particularly difficult if you follow Apple's step-by-step instructions:




    The problem is that until recently Logic could only input and output audio through a single interface (or cable).  It's probably trying to play back audio through your guitar cable and once you unplug it, your sound will then play back through the built-in output of your computer.  The aggregate device would allow you to select different options for input and output.


    Of course you could always upgrade to LE9, which eliminated this issue.  With either LE9 or an aggregate device you will be able to select, for example, your guitar cable as your input device and your built-in output as your output device in Logic audio preferences.


    I hope this is helpful.