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I am using a D-Link DI 524 Router. The Mac sees the network alright, but when I try and request a new DHCP lease it doesn't return anything. On the router side, it sees that my system has connected, but doesn't register any attempts to try and retrieve a DHCP address.

On the ethernet side, I was able to connect instantly. DHCP was no problem. I am writing this post with my mac connected to ethernet.

Are there any known issues regarding DHCP and the wireless on the MacBooks? I have been seeing stuff about the current wireless firmware release being faulty, so how do I check to see which version of the firmware I have?

Any suggestions you guys have would be really helpful.

MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    Sorry of the ambiguity of the previous post, I only see these problems when dealing with wireless. Ethernet is fine.
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    I have the exact opposite problem. Wireless is fine, ethernet is not.

    Try turning airport off and then back on. That is what fixes my ethernet.
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    I am also experiencing problems with my wireless network (regardless of whether I'm using a Netgear WPN824 or an Airport Extreme base station), and they are isolated to the MBP, as I can still connect to my network with my old G3 iBook (which I'm typing on right now). Usually a minute or so after I connect to the router on the MBP, the external IP address from the cable modem vanishes, and the only way to get the internet running on all computers (- the MBP) again is to reset the router, and just not connect wirelessly on the MBP. It has been very frustrating, since the router is in my roommates' room, and I have had to resort to a fifty foot ethernet cable to get online with my new laptop. I have also tried using the laptop at my parents' house, which is set up with a LinkSys router; I experience the same problem over there, and any time I access the wireless network, I have to reset the router.

    FYI, I have wireless card firmware version 0.1.12. The way you check it is in System Profiler, which is accessible in several ways, including this one:
    From the far left "Apple" menu, go to "About This Mac". From there, click on the "More Info" button, and the system profiler will open. Under the "Network" sublist in the left menu, click on the "Airport Card" item. You should see your firmware version in the right, larger window, third item down.
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    Yeah I also have firmware version 0.1.12. Thanks for the help. What concerns me most is that not only are the wireless problems common (at least from reading this list), but diverse. I'm not even sure if I've seen anyone with my exact problem (unable to retrieve IP address from DHCP, yet wireless connects fine to local network).

    Are there any upgrades for the firmware yet that knowingly fix these problems?
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    Turning the Airport off and on, as well as resetting the router a couple times finally got the thing registered. Wireless performance so far has been par with the rest of the computers on the network. I will try a couple things, but for now all seems well.

    Once again, thanks for your help, guys!