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Has anyone come across problems with mobgifts.org?  I get kicked to it when I launch a tech blog in iPhone Safari.  Thanks.

iphone, iOS 4
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    probably a popup. make sure popup blocking is enabled

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    Note that not all popups can be blocked even with Safari's popup blocker turned on. Some you just have to live with, or avoid the site that contains such ads.



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    Thanks, I have popups enabled.  I get forwarded to another site; have contacted the site and they have not had this problem


    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for your help.  I wondered if it was part of an app I downloaded as popups is enabled and I get forwarded to another site.  Interesting to know that not all popups can be blocked.


    Thanks again.

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    I had the same popup problem appear in Safari right after I downloaded emoji emoticons. The popup happened again when I launched Photos. I could delete the Safari page but couldn't get out of Photos without quitting. Popup blocking enabled. Cookies set to "never" (after the problem occured).  Help!

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    Hi im pretty new to the iphone but i have also been having this problem. I performed a DNS lookup on mobgfits.org and blocked the domain name, mobgifts.org the server names, ns1.mobprizes.org / ns2.mobprizes.org and the ip through my routers block list function.  This has stopped the popup on my iphone while it is connected to my router which seems to be the only time i get it. ( i tried to block it with my firewall software on my iphone but this didnt work) I will post back in a few days if i start to get this popup through my carriers network.

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    Thanks for the response, It may not solve everything but is a good start.