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Strangest thing...one day, out of the blue it seemed, my Aperture library stopped being accessible (or even showing) in iMovie. Out of curiousity, I checked FCP and noticed the same thing. Well, I'd been long overdue for a clean install for various reasons, so I did just that. Re-downloaded all my apps right from the App Store. Migrated my libray back over from a back up HD. Same problem. So I did some reconsolidating and rebuilding / repairs on the library file; anything really I could think of, but nothing. Made sure that the "share with iLife" part is checked off in Preview prefs. I've even deleted some preference files from both applications to force some kind of refresh too.


This has been going on for months now, so frustrated. When Apple released the Aperture update, I motivated myself to literally rebuild my entire 15,000 photo library from scratch today thinking there had to be something wrong or corrupted with it. Still not working!! Interestingly enough, I made a test user account and it works just fine, no problem. And iPhoto, Photo Booth and iTunes are all showing up fine.


Anyone else had this problem? I know I *could* just use iPhoto....but who wants to go back when you've been on Aperture for years? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


Running Aperture 3.3 on 21.5" 3.06ghz iMac