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my imac is running slow

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.1)
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    Open Activity Monitor in Applications>Utilities, select All Processes & sort on CPU%, any indications there?


    How much RAM & free space do you have also, click on the Memory & Disk Usage Tabs.


    In the Memory tab, are there a lot of Pageouts?


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    I am having a similar problem. Here is my screen shot. Your thoughts would be appreciated. The color wheel just runs and runs sometimes. All of my software is up to date.


    Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 7.03.01 PM.png

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    Hello Jen,


    Far too many pageouts, but sort that list by CPU% insted of Name.


    Open Console in Utilities & see if there are any clues or repeating messages when this happens.

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    What do you do if you have a lot of page outs? I have 17.49 GB

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    I have 295.1 MB is that too much?

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    If you find things are running unbearably slow, purge the memory. Super easy to do, and your computer will run a lot faster.


    Open Terminal (spotlight search is easy way to get there), let the terminal load for a second, type "purge" and hit enter. The computer will seem to slow drastically for about 5 seconds or so, then all returns to normal.


    This dumps all the stored memory that is not being used by programs. Sometimes there are memory "leaks" even after you quit a program. Purge the system and free up all that space. You'll be surprised how much faster things will run.

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    That is far too large a Page Out amount.

    What year, screen size, CPU speed and amount of RAM installed?

    How many applications do you run simultaneously in the background while working in another application?

    Do you run any antivirus software on your Mac? Antivirus software can slow down the normal operation of OS X.

    Do you run any "crapware" like Mackeeper or any other type of "crapware" like so called hard drive "cleaning" apps or memory "cleaning" apps?


    You, probably, need to increase the amount of RAM that is installed on your iMac?

    Correct and reliable Mac RAM can be purchased from online Mac RAM sources Crucial memory or OWC (macsales.com).

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    Usually a high page out amount is when it is the GB range like in annebell's case.

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    Hi, hope you can help me too (please assume I know nothing OK?).


    My iMac (using OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)) is running painfully slow however when following some of your helpful hints I noticed the following:


    "Physical memory: 4.00GB"

    "Memory Used: 3.94GB"


    That tends to suggest I'm all out of memory resulting in a slow computer however I can't believe I've used so much.


    Your expert thoughts would be appreciated.