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    We just picked up our second MBP Retina, this time thr 2.6 Ghz package for the extra memory.  No issues with excessive heat.

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    Good and interesting review of rMBP


    The next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina Display Review


    I vote for replaceable component design.



  • Maziyar Level 1 (10 points)

    Just in case if your MBPr doesn't have any problem, take a look at this article to see where should or shouldn't be warm: a-display

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  • Lucas879 Level 1 (0 points)

    lucky you.

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    Hey guys,


    I have bought the MB pro with retina display and I have the same problem. It get's super hot after a few minutes when I turn it on exactly on the kerboard and the upper part of it. I thing I have to replace this one.

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    Yeah, I'm having a similar issue.  When I use the MBP Retina on a hard flat surface, I find that the air blowing out between the keys, on the top left of the keyboard, becomes too hot to leave my fingers in place. 


    My fingers, on my left hand, tend to relax on the top left the between the number row and the qwerty row.  The air coming from between the backtick and tab keys is hot enough that after a few minutes i have to remove my hand because it feels like it is burning my finger tips.  The aluminum on the top left is warmer than the rest of the chasis.  However, none of the aluminum is what I would call hot to the touch (including the bottom).  I have not noticed this in other configurations and never had this on a previous MBP. 


    It's worth noting that I also have both the power and the thunderbolt ethernet adapter connected. The thunderbolt connector feels warmer than expected, but I don't know if it is generating or dissipating.

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    I have the same issue with the heat, and my buddy have the same, i got told by the dude in humac ( danish apple store ) to reinstall my mac with the new OS X and not just do the update and install it over Lion

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    i have this problem to some extent too, however i notice it's worse in this uncharacteristically warm summer (above what the reccomended termperature of operation is). when it's not excessively hot, it's completely fine and the aluminum actually helps to diffuse the heat away from the upper left and carry the cold from the rim to the centre. the surface that you use it on is a big factor too. a bed or a pillow will insulate the heat more and continue to heat it as well as possibly blocking the vents. a counter or other hard surface where the little pads on the bottom can do their job and allow for a small amount of airflow is best. other than that, running a lot of programs in the background can generate more heat too. there's many other factors that can contribute, but if it continues to be an issue, it couldn't hurt to take it in and see if it's defective.

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    Can any one not facing any problems place the temperatures he has while on normal use and heavy use! and tell us what app he used to get the temperature
    I tried calling mac to get the correct temperatures or acceptable they didn't have a clue if you can post the acceptable temperature would be great cos mine is reaching with hd video up to: 80 degrees Celsius= 176 F


    Please some one do us a favor and post the temp Graphic, CPU & platform controle hub, in light use and harsh use!

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    This is after 3 hours of moderate use: These are the processes that are currently running:


    Macbook Pro Retina (Base Model) with 16GB memory and 256GB SSD.


    I originally had issues with the first MBPR that I received (See page 1 of this thread). It heated a LOT. After using XCode 4.3, It'd heat up like crazy, even when I was just coding and not compiling (I only had Chrome running along with it). I called Apple and they sent me another model in a week, and it runs nicely. It heats up but usually when I put a very heavy load on it.

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    I have the same issue - I am running VM Ware fusion 4 on my retina and running ableton live 8 for music production.


    I would expect the laptop to get fairly warm but this thing is boiling hot - possibly a bad batch? Is it worth raising my eyebrows over or is it normal?

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    This mine in a normal usage.(Celsius)


    Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 11.57.33 AM.png


    I'm using Xcode 4.4 and even when I'm in an iPad/iPhone simulator and it changes the graphic card to Nvidia it's a little bit more like GPU goes up to 40-45.


    Check you Activity Monitor to see if there is something else running high besides Xcode.


    Xcode shouldn't make your MBPR heat up. Maybe the previous one had some problems.

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    ok good thanks @davydany my temp are slightly higher by 2 degrees i guess its cos i have the 2.6/ 16gb/512gb retina but thanks for the pic ! now i can travel in peace knowing i don't have a defected model!


    My conclusion  is that: (AVG in c/f  for the highest temp on evaluation )


    30-45 c = idle light usage= 86F-113F


    46-55 c= moderate usage=114F-131F


    56- 70 c= AVG usage= 132F- 158F


    71 - 83 c= Intense USAGE=160F-182F


    83 -92 c= HARSH usage+ 183F- 198F


    That's my conclusion based on a week of tests Hd video, 4k resolution video, Avid programs .... games ..apps

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    Yesterday I was watching moive on my MBP Retina, I found the computer is extrmely hot, I usually didin't notice the heat until yesterday. I shut down all the application, leave the computer idle, after 10mins it's still that hot. Then I unpluged the hemi to my external dell 24" display, another 10mins the computer seems cooled down a bit. Is that problem? I have iStat Pro, when idle the GPU is around 40C, with enternal display it's around 60C, right now I have serval apps running and its at 65C. Guess it's not a problem them when I saw the data you been given. Cheers mate

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