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  • Adagio157 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi. My MBP Retina 15'' is working at very high temperatures. For example simple working on lap. (safari, itunes) at 3000RPM temperatures Cpu Temperatures stays at 60 degrees Celsius.  And the worst part is that at rendering at Autodesk maya it goes and stays at 100-105 Degrees in Celsius and up to 221F . With both fans spining at 6000RPM. And i know that 105C is kind of limit for my CPU. So i am very carefull, but how can i work with that? When i take MBP on balkony in winter and then do rendering, with outside temp.  -5C= 23F it stays at 92C. I am always using MBP in well ventilated room at ~20C. So is it normal? I think it isn't. Can anyone help with some tips?

  • NAiDO Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    hey this is what i had posted earlier based on many reports that reported their temp and my personal experience

    My Mac: Mac book pro retina display 2.6, 16 GB RAM, 512 SSD


    "My conclusion  is that: (AVG in c/f  for the highest temp in the Hardware  ) Normal room TEMP 24-26


    30-45 c = idle light usage= 86F-113F


    46-55 c= moderate usage=114F-131F


    56- 70 c= AVG usage= 132F- 158F


    71 - 83 c= Intense USAGE=160F-182F


    83 -92 c= HARSH usage+ 183F- 198F


    That's my conclusion based on a week of tests HD video, 4k resolution video, Avid programs .... games ..apps"


    It never passed the 92 C i think it is worth a check specially if your idle for example is double the temp here

  • Barry Fisher Level 3 Level 3 (655 points)

    Not at all, even when it was quite hot in September/October.  It actually runs pretty cool even when rendering a couple hundred full sized tiffs out of Capture One or Light Room.

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    I have a retina pro 15' aswell and it gets REALLY hot.. when I watch a movie for 15 minutes the fans are spinning like crazy ;/ not to mention when I start a game. I'm not risking running any games on this due to damaging my MBP

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    mine goes up to 90C while i'm playing game. It depends on a game though. If it is one of those free and crappy games from Mac App Store, it gets really hot. But games like Need For Speed or Call of Duty is a little bit better.


    But about movie, I always watch movie (MPlayerX), i mean always. It is on while i'm coding, designing, or even studying. It never gets hot. Sometimes when some tracks have problem with codec like QuickTime server or something it goes to 65C but not all of them.


    Try monitor which process is using your cpu when you are watching movie and search for it to see maybe there is a conflict or something else.


    My experience with this machine, it is perfect but Mountain Lion and the world outside are two different things when it comes to compatibility!

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    I have the mid 2012 15 inch retina model MacBook Pro - 8 gigs ram, 1 gb nvidia card.


    Although it's not my primary purpose with it - I've noticed that when I play any game, from Team Fortress 2 to Diablo 3 where it uses the Nvidia Card - the laptop gets very hot.  Within a few minutes.  Which is unforutnate cause the games run great, but I'm too hesitant to play them for more then 5 minutes due to the heat causing havok on parts,


    This is my first MacBook Pro - not accustomed to the heat.


    Again, I bought this for development - programming and design.  It does those flawlessly.  But it would be nice to play a game occasionally but it just gets too hot for that

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    Just a question to anyone.  I use the Temperature checks all the time.


    When I'm browsing, or doing light work it hovers around 30 degrees Celcius - can not feel heat at all.


    When I do graphic design or programming - it's around high 30s or low 40s.. again, nothing too significant.


    But when I play a game, it typically is mid to high 50 degrees C, sometimes dipping to low 60s (Overall temperature from 'Temperature Monitor' program). 


    How long running at 'high 50 degrees C' be conservative/safe?  It gets pretty hot in the middle upper part of keyboard, but everything else is relatively cool/warm.


    I know it 'shuts off' as a last resort when it gets too hot.  But I obviously want to avoid this.  I would like to keep this MacBook Pro for a long while.  So I want to be on the more conservative side then anything else.  Would running this at high 50 degrees C for an hour or two considered 'safe' as far as long term is concerned???  I don't really understand people that automatically say it's fine unless it shuts itself off.  That's a last resort thing.  I want to prevent any damage to motherboard.  I have the 15 inch Retina with 1 gig video memory and 8 gig system memory, and I think 256 GB SDD.  From what I hear, the ram is part of the Motherboard - in that you can't take it out or add more.  So I think any overheating would toast the entire MacBook - I don't feel like flushing 2k down the toilet!!


    Thanks for any input!

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    Just received my MBPr 2.7, 16GB... I am happy!!!.. I am unpacking it!!... Cannot wait!!!... Starting my first game ... WHAT A F!!! ..92"...102" just in first 5 minutes!!! Hey guys, all of us just telling his own story, but that is not solution. We all together should find a right solution to make it cold or to return it, otherwise we should collect all our macs in one place and just burn them all, not to make headaches and hopes. Thats why lets discuss what we can do further. Cuz that is not good having latest innovative expensive tool, which even cannot properly run counter-strike, which was running great more than ten years ago on first Pentiums 3. That's really funny and dissapointing.

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    Yah, they aren't really 'designed' for that.  But if it has an Nvidia 1 gb video card, then they should understand the people who buy those models will probably try to play a few games on it as well as other heavy duty 3d stuff.


    What I don't really like is how there is relatively no real information pertaining to the heat (how hot, how long, etc.). 


    Mine does pretty well until I try 3d-intensive programs or a game.  Then it runs anywhere from 65-75 degrees C (well the gpu does but not sure of other).  It doesn't feel really hot unless it's near the top part of keyboard , then it's pretty hot-- but from what I understand - the aluminum case is suppose to attract the heat to keep it off of the processors.


    I wouldn't mind if I knew it's not going to burn out my processors within a year , luckily I got a 1 year warranty but that's it (350 for 2 years, 450 for 3 years?? cmon). 


    Will these things last if I run the laptop at 70-75 GPU Temperature Celcius for a couple hours a day??  What would be the expected lifespan?


    It's been a few weeks, it runs cool when I'm not doing anything super intensive.  But every day I play a game for an hour or two and it runs at 70-75 - will I burn out the laptop in a year?

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    Thank you for your comment. I think we have similar purposes for our macs. But actually still I wonder and still cannot understand. Look, if I bought the latest and powerful mac for a premium price, I thought that I bought the monster! But still cannot understand why it should be called monster if I cannot use it more than 30 minutes for playing, video and photo editing! And however the interesting thing is that when my powerful mac overheat and switch off within 30 minutes, I go and took my wife's simplest mac air, and I continue working for editing and playing, and it works perfect without any overheating and without any overloading. I cannot understand, why to buy Pro at a premium price if cheap Air can just give great performance without any overheating. I like to play Red Crucible, free game at apple store, but very nice game. And its really terrible to play every 30 minutes, when my wife's air busy. So guys lets finally find the solution to our problems whether we should continue using our pros until apple will do something with it or finally it will burn out or whether we can return our macs for refund to apple. By the way will apple make refund for these overheating? Do retina 13 has same problem with overheating? Thanks for attention guys, and sorry for my english, I am not native speaker.

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    Just a general question - is the macbook turning itself off or you are doing it in fear of it overheating?


    I know that it powers itself off when the processor heat is 'beyond spec' - 100-105 C I think - but that would make me think that is the 'last resort' option - and whilst it may prevent further damage, it certainly doesn't bode well for the processors when it gets that extreme, longevity and all.  I have never had it power itself off.  Generally speaking, even under most extreme games, my GPUs get to around 70-75 C. 


    I think the smaller macbook pro would be worse for heat, because two reasons: It does not have a seperate GPU like the 15 inch do (Nvidia 1 gig on mine + integrated gpu) - so more burden would be put on the processors and integrated GPU.  Also, it's a smaller case, less room for hot air, therefore heating up more.


    Like you said, I dropped 2k so I expect it to do quite a few things and still last.  I'm developing Apps and programming , along with graphic design.  It does that stuff no problem.  But occasionally, I like to take a break - use Bootcamp and start in Windows to play a game (Hence the reason I got the version with 1gig NVIDIA GPU).  Bootcamp is an official mac product from my understanding.  My only concern is that when I play pretty much any game on Steam - in Windows- it will spin the heatsink fans more (which is obv. a good thing) and GPUs heat up to 75 C.


    From my understanding, it's OK... Just a little worrisome, 2k ain't cheap!  I'd be a bit nervous if the GPU's got above 80 for prolong periods of time.


    And also - if you are playing an intensive game or program - I woud make sure the power plug is in to keep power from being drained from battery completely , again, just to be safe.  As well as a flat surface so heat doesn't get trapped (I have a laptop 'tray' thingy I got off amazon , around 20-30 bux).

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    I'm wondering what NORMAL should be.  I'm runnin a number of browser sessions, some other apps, no games, no videos and yet I'm at about 200F, is that considered normal


    Fans seems to be at about 2000-2100 which is basically idle.

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    That seems a bit hot.  What year is your macbook?  13, 15, 17 inch? 


    200F is about 93 C... so macbooks are designed to automatically shut off when they start to get overheat- around 100-105 C.


    So I'd say that's too hot, especially if there isn't a lot of things you doing.  Be sure you reset the memory (there's a thread on here somewhere)... sometimes hidden processes will not shut off properly, so are a hidden extra burden on your processors.  Is the actual macbook hot?


    My new 2012 15 inch retina macbook idles around 30-33 C and under normal usage (web browsing, email, programming, videos) sometimes goes up to about 45-55.  Games usually take around 65-75 C. 


    MacBooks in general run hot, but 93C seems too hot for normal usage.  Should be around 30-55C for normal usage.  Surprised your fans are only 2000rpms.  At that heat, they should be going full or close to it (5500-6000rpms).

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    My Mac Jan 2013, 15 Retina, 2.7, 16 GB. No. 1 option and best one I thought. Now I understood the simpliest mac gives more better performance. Hey guys, I think you are a bit lucky if you worry about 93C. If my Mac were 93C I really would be happy. Now writting current e-mail drives it in 48C at 4050RPM. Today I just tried to cut titles from cartoon for my daughter in Final Cut Pro, I really was crazy! After each 5-7 clicks I close FCP and wait until cold then again open, close. When I finished I started output. I tried 3 times and everytime 102C and system down. Finally I made it when I putted it under AC. I don't know what time it took cuz I just putted then left my home for 4 hours. Fortunately it was done. But unfortunately until I finished it my daughter didn't need it anymore. Usually same job took 15 minutes on my 2 years old Acer i5. When I start playing, before game starts I put RPM to maximum (it works as engine), even though I can maximum play 30 minutes, then I push OFF, cuz system hang. Dear Shen23, I really happy for you that you can play at 75C. Even if I had 93C, I would be happy. Now really have dilemma, I want stable macbook for everything (which is older models I guess), but also moving from retina to regular is dissappointing. Shen23, actually I don't wait until it turns off. What makes it turn off, some kinds of temp sensors which aslo uses system. What if this sensors hang? Mac will burn. In my case, system just hang at 102, and I manually switch off cuz I afraid that until it hangs maybe temp still going up. As I said before, writing this e-mail at 4050 RPM gives 48C. Please give advice, is it possible to return this item and what is the procedure if yes.

  • Shen23 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Marlen, that sounds peculiar -- it shouldn't be running that hot, not even close.  It maybe a bad batch or a broken processor/gpu so the others have to work extra hard... not sure.


    I have the 15 inch Retina as well, but the one model below yours I believe.  2.3 ghz / 8mb / 1 gig gpu.  So yours should be running as cool or cooler (depending on activities).


    Most stores (I got mine from best buy) allow up to 30 days to return.  I'm hoping you kept receipt.  They won't reinburse you in money, but give you store credit for same price.  I would try to get another.  Same model, or maybe the model I have.  I been really happy with mine, the heat was a little strange - but first time MacBook Pro and apparently they are known to get hotter then most laptops.  The aluminium cover attracts the heat from the processors, that's why it's often hot to touch (but it shouldn't be running near 100C , like I said 75-85 C under heavy use is my prediction).  Final Cut Pro is a pretty hefty video editing software if I remember corretly from college.  Haven't tried it but I still wouldn't think that computer would go above 65 C running that and a couple other programs.


    I got the 1 year warranty, it's 150 dollars but the rep. told me it covers basically everything, including overheating and water damage, etc.  2 years was 350 (ugh)..You have to do this within 30 days.  Maybe if you exchange for a different one, get a 1 year warranty too.


    If it's been within 30 days, and you have receipt, definitely go to store and tell them your experiences - it's getting really hot and system freezes. They should let you exchange it receipt provided.


    Is the room where your computer hot?  what temperature program are you running?  Depending on the program , mine says different things.  Right now - I just got this browser open and itunes and smcfancontrol reads 41C avg. temp at 2150rpms.


    Where as Temperature Gauge reads 36 - a 5 degree difference. 


    Best of luck.

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