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  • Marlen24 Level 1 Level 1

    Why you bought from best buy, i mean whats a difference between apple store. I bought mine directly from apple store, but I don't know anything about warranty, maybe you know usually how long they give warranty?

  • thermitefist Level 1 Level 1

    if i remember right when u first buy a mac (notebooks and desktops) without apple care they automatically come with 30 days up tech support and 1 yr of hardware replacement if something should fail or broke under normal usage conditions

  • Shen23 Level 1 Level 1

    Well, no apple store near here but there is a best buy.


    It should be relatively the same if not exactly the same concepts/rules on exchange.  30 days with receipt, exchange for store credit / computer.

  • thermitefist Level 1 Level 1

    it should be the same cuz i got mine from a apple authorized dealer like best buy not apple themselves, and mine came with the warrenty that i discribed

  • Francisco Jose Villegas Belo Level 1 Level 1

    It´s not the same use the rMBP with integrated card, and, in example, with external monitor and NVIDIA card.


    Laptop itself: 35-55º C (up to 85º C in hard usage)  HD4000 + NVIDIA


    Laptop + Thunderbolt Display: 65-85ºC (up to 95º C in hard usage) --- only NVIDIA CARD

  • eezacque Level 1 Level 1

    I wouldn't worry so much about temperature readings as well as about whether high temperatures affect the health of the internals. Apple has built a solid track record of logic boards failing after a couple of years, and I seriously wonder if the new rMPB show any improvement here. Time will teach.

  • kiwicafe Level 1 Level 1

    I just rceived my 15" macbookpro this morning, out of the box, and fully set up in leass than 15 minutes.

    It has been sitting on my lap all day as I configure and download software. I have a motor neuron disease that effects my muscles. i read all the infor re heat issues. So far so god its a s cool as when I opened it up at 10am.

    Apple rocks!

  • peste76 Level 1 Level 1

    Good day. My MacBookPro Retina also gets a rellay hot after now 5 months. I see it when i´m heavy using Safari, Parallels or TeamViewer. I´m checking the temperaturs, but i have an slightly problem there. Which is better ? Right after open up the lid (after a complete shutdown) i have 3 programs which showing different data:


    smcFanContro: 52 Degree (Celsius)

    iStatsMenu: 51 Degree (Celsius)

    iStats Pro Widget: 28 Degree CPU Heatsink (Celsius)


    So what is this ? I think 28 Degree seems to be real - for now not anything is warm or hot...


    Until yesterday i only believed smcFanControl which reached over 100 Degree from time to time, but after installing iStats Pro i´m a bit confused.



  • awebill3 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a new macbook pro 13" with retina and I am having some heat issues. It bothers me a bit because heat is what ruined my PC. It is difficult to know if the fans are on because the thing is so **** quiet! I'm thinking of taking it to the store to see if they can see if anything is amiss.

  • pwang2 Level 1 Level 1

    I brought my newly rMBP 15 to genius bar yesterday. They did some test and make sure all the sensor were working.


    i have the same doubt as you that the fan is quite and I always put my eye on the the CPU core tempreture. right now i think it was not right. as the cpu temprature is alway the highest. If you run intensively, you gota be sweated if you are runing.


    The genius said all mbp retina has similar behavior.  if it bothers me, i still have time to return it.   I made another thought between iMac and macbook pro.  I still can not resiste the retina screen. so I change the temprature monitor application to show the battery temprature. And i think this is someting meaningful to us. All IC are designed to work in a wide range of temprature.


    another thing i want to figure out is the battery life. it was not lineal even in idle. sometime from 90%-80% takes 1 hour, sometime it takes even less than 30 mins. If anyone could share their data, I will quite appriciate.


    About the fan speed, I am quite sure that apple's SMC setting is a combination of multiple sensors. so even cpu core temprature is high, it may still keep very low speed. Mine is always 2150 in most of the time. I believe Apple's hardware/software engineer know more than most of the author of the fan control software developer. I will suggess always using the system's setting instead of the speed up by temprature heap of a certain sensor.


    I used PC before. Thinkpad is unbeatable in this area as the heat issue never run into my attention.








  • tuxStyle Level 1 Level 1



    I have a 9 months old rMBP and as many other people here, I noticed it gets very hot when i watch movies, video skype, play a game, etc.


    I checked the forums here and in a post, some guy recommended to to a hardware test.

    Which i did:


    Also, i have the ghost image issue so, with 3 months warranty left i decided to take it to an apple store.


    They stared testing it and the first test was fine but they noticed the ghosting too.

    Then the guy started the thermal test...

    After about 10 minutes the test failed Big red letters on the entire screen: FAILED


    The guy comes back from another client, clicks the screen the failed text dissapears and after 10 seconds he tells me: "actually, there is no problem. the test passed". I'm shocked and my first reaction was to punch that guy in the face...


    Anyway, this time i took another picture:

    It is very clear written: TESTING FAILED. And the description reccomends to check the heatsink.


    In the end, they decided to replace the screen because of the ghosting and then run the test after.


    Now, i don't know what to do...

    I should have ask the guy to take a note of the issue as he did with the display but i was still shocked by his "test passed"...


    In theory, if they don't "fix" the test, the thermal issue should still be present after the screen is replaced...

    Any recommandations?


    Thank you

  • Fatlardo Level 1 Level 1

    How did you run the CSD?  I know there is a test when during start up, but I dont think I've seen the Cooling dianostic. 

  • Carlos8795 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem my

    CPU 1 Core 212

    CPU 2 Core 212

    CPU  Core PECI 214

  • tivoboy Level 1 Level 1

    Plugged in to an external monitor and running about 100 tabs in Chrome and 4-5 other apps, using about 12GB of 16GB ram, I get slightly lower number, but indeed usually above 160 degree Farhenheit..

  • brsm1990 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Also having this problem.  Late 2012 MacBook Pro Retina 15", NVIDIA 1GB, 8GB, 256GB SSD, 2.3 GHz Quad Core.  I bought it Jan 2013.  I bought it primarily because i wanted to do a lot of photo and video editing.  I was overseas where it would be cheaper on an assignment so I wasn't doing much of my hobby activities.  When I finally got back from this extended trip and I tried to used the computer for it's intended purposes it was getting crazy hot with terrible battery life - this was with or without an external monitor.  Even with just light web browsing and particulraly any website with video or flash it was too hot.


    I took it to an Apple store and they said it failed some tests and needed a new logic board.  They were never really clear about what failed or why.  They said it passed all the tests.


    I got a thunderbolt display for photo and video editing and much to my dismay when I got the repaired computer home I found the GPU running 80-90C just doing light web browsing and e-mail.  I don't know what 3D applications to test to see what happens with the GPU if I really push it but when I do final cut pro X or some things in photoshop with the GPU between 80-90 the CPU cores are exceeding 100C.  This doesn't seem right.  The temperature of the laptop itself when doing any serious work is almos tuntouchable.


    The only ting the logic board replacement seemed to help is the temperature when doing almost nothing with no external display connected.  Any other case and the heat issues still seem to be there.


    Here are my temps when working with final cut pro and an external monitor but the internal monitor disabled.


    I didn't screen shot it but my fan speeds were topping 6K.



    Here are my idel temps:






    Will screen shot later but basically doing nothing with any external monitor attached results in 75, 80 up to 85C GPU temps with one single monitor active.


    What do I do about this?


    Also does anyone know what's the deal with simple youtube, flash websites, flash games overheating the MBP?  This is ridiculous since these kind of applications could be run on practically any product sold in the last 5+ years effortlessly

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