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I have an early 2006 MBP.  When I use my optical drive, I have to pump my smcFanControl up to 6000 plus point a table fan at the computer so I can load cd software without the computer overheating and shutting off.  I've had both fans replaced, but it still runs as hot as August in Atlanta.


I've ordered a new MBP with Retina Display and I've bought a USB SuperDrive.  My question is with the drive being external to the computer, will that make the computer cooler when I'm using the drive?  Or is it the processor that makes the machine run hot and an external drive will make little difference.


I'm anticipating that my new MBP will be a lot cooler running to begin with, but I can't tell you how many applications I've loaded that have been buggy because I've had to reload them when the computer shut down midway through.


Should I install smcFanControl or is that a waste of space?

Macbook Pro w/Retina Display
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    Internal or external drive makes virtually no difference. The CPU and GPU generate the heat.


    There is no need for SMC Fan Control as the SMC already controls the fan properly. You can expect the Retina display to generate more heat rather than less although Apple runs the display at a lower light level to reduce the power needed for backlighting the display. But before you start worrying about it why don't you wait to see if you even have a problem. You're being a bit premature.

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    Current SMC fan control doesn't work totally with the Retina new model anyway - it does control the fans (highest is like 5900 now) but it cannot read the temp, or is reading it incorrectly - since I'm pretty sure my new retina MBP is not running at 32 degrees F right now.

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    Your external drive will have no affect on the heat, it comes mostly from the CPU and GPU, but from other components as well.


    Some older models of Macs it was good to use SMCFanControl because Apple thought it was perfectly fine for the CPU to get over 100º C before even starting to spin the fans up...


    I've found on my Retina model, not only is the cooling designed much better, the fans react much quicker, and I don't really think SMCFanControl is needed.


    I hope the creator updates it though, just cause... I've been glancing through the source code, but I haven't figured out the root of the problem yet for finding the Temp.