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ok so, itunes refuses to open. i went to the support page and did EVERYTHING it says to do. update drivers, disable virus protection, add a new user, try safe mode, etc etc. STILL WILL NOT OPEN. uninstalled everything, reinstalled everything about 5 times... nothing. can someone please help me fix this?

iTunes, Windows 7
  • yankeesextreme Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    also it is not running in the task manager... it will not open at all in any way. if i click on a song, itunes will not open to play it. it is the default program to play music, but won't open.

  • wiclee Level 5 Level 5 (6,950 points)

    Restart Computer.


    Refer steps here to delete SC file(s):





    Then proceed to repair your QuickTime. START > CONTROL PANEL

    WinXP - Add n Remove Programs

    Win7/Vista - Programs n Features


    highlight QUICKTIME and click CHANGE then REPAIR.

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    i did that already. as i said in my first post, i did EVERYTHING that was said on the support page about this problem. it will not open.

  • wiclee Level 5 Level 5 (6,950 points)

    Have you repaired your quicktime?


    Refer to this link:

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    yes i did, i repaired EVERYTHING, i did EVERYTHING that the website said to do.

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    and what i think the problem is, is that the itunes "64bit installer" isnt really a 64bit installer. its a 32 bit program and runs perfectly fine on my windows professional 32bit system. however, when it comes to my windows 7 64 bit system, this is the problem i have. apple needs to make a real 64 bit itunes because this is a tad bit ridiculous.

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    I just came across your inquiries on this forum about your problems with installing Itunes on a Win 7 64 bit machine.  I also had the same problems.  I investigated somewhat and found there were two different  file versions for Itunes and a Win 7 64 bit computer.  I just uninstalled the unworkable Itunes and will now try this different file version to see if it works.  Let me know here if you came up with a fix for your installation.  I see it's been 3 weeks since this comment was posted.

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    Well..............guess what?  This "other" file version did not work either.  What a bunch of crap.  I've had a grudge against Apple stuff from my first exposure and now I know why.  I recently won an Ipad and I'm trying to utilize it, but I see that I'm running into brick walls everywhere.

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    Yeah I tried that as well, the other download that actually says "iTunes 64-Bit installer." Thats a load of crap. Doesn't do anything different than the other installer. Like I said in a couple of my posts, I think the problem is that iTunes is a 32 Bit program and my version of windows on this computer is 64 bit. Doesnt work properly. I was actually on vacation and left it running for about an hour and I saw that iTunes was opened. I went to do things within iTunes and it crashed no more than 5 seconds into it. iTunes runs perfectly fine on my windows 7 32bit computer but on this windows 7 64 bit, nothing but problems. Can't play videos, can't play a song, can't even edit options. And everything on their website they say to do does nothing. Especially to disable all of my startup programs, makes a lot of my programs run very poorly or not at all and I'm not going through all of that trouble for iTunes. I just wanted to be able to update my iPod while i was on vacation, but unfortunately I cant. I'll stick to running it on my other computer because obviously no one from apple has a solution to this problem and obviously I am not the only one having it.

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    Perhaps this suggestion will help.  I accessed Microsoft's website and used their "Fix it Solution Center"  This troubleshooter did some analysis of my computer and fround some registry problems.  It corrected the messed up entries apparently as I never did get to see just what it did, but once it finished I rebooted.  I then downloaded the Itunes Win7/64 bit version and it installed just fine and I have not had any problems since. might give it a try.

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    worked after i repaired quicktime, not itunes, to be clear.

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    reinstalling quicktime worked for me too

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    Any other suggestions????


    I've also tried EVERYTHING.


    Just tried that Microsoft FIXIT that Rlundo suggested. That also didn't work. Did the SCinfo. Did the APSDaemon. Did the Repair Quicktime. Did the reloading of Windows 64bit Itunes (twice).


    Same problem. Won't open in safe mode. Won't show up in Task Manager. Its just not there.

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    ok..... FINALLY  it is working


    the final thing I tried that worked is what some people suggested of actually uninstalling (rather than repairing) the Quicktime


    As soon as I uninstalled Quicktime it worked.

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