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We just got the new iPad. Fortunately, there werent many apps on it. However, when connecting it to iTunes and setting it up as a new device, iTunes still started transferring all the apps on the desktop (PC) to the iPad. I had to do a full factory refresh on the iPad to remove the 600+ apps on my desktop.


How do you select only the individual apps, if any, to transfer from desktop to iPad and all the iPad apps to your PC?

Windows 7
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    You can copy apps (and other iTunes purchases) from your iPad to your computer's iTunes via File > Transfer Purchases.


    To select which apps to sync to the iPad, connect the iPad to your computer and select it on the left-hand side of your computer's iTunes under 'Devices', and on the right-hand side there should be a series of tabs, one of which should be Apps - if you select that tab you can then select which apps (via the listbox on the left-hand side of the window) to sync to the iPad. If you don't want new apps to automatically sync to the iPad then make sure that the 'automatically sync new apps' tickbox under the apps listbox is unticked.


    Syncing apps : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1977 (the page isn't updated anymore but it looks to still be correct)

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    Thanks. So it looks like you can't rearrange the iPad's screen via desktop because auto syncing isn't available?  I see all my apps stored via iTunes greyed out or lightened on my desktop's iTunes.  I also can't selectively choose which apps to transfer to my iPad from my PC either?  I dont dare try to tick the "sync apps" in iTunes because I fear it will try to send all my apps on my PC to the iPad.

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    I have 'sync apps' ticked at the top of that tab, but not the 'automatically sync new apps' below the listbox - I also have an iPhone and that prevents new apps that I get for the phone automatically being copied onto the iPad when I next connect it, so only the apps that I have ticked in the listbox are on my iPad.


    You should be able to tick the box at the top and then select from the list which apps that you want on the iPad - clicking 'Sync' at the bottom right of the window should then apply that selection to the iPad.

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    I'm sorry, you lost me. I see all my apps stored via iTunes greyed out or lightened on my desktop's iTunes now that auto sync isn't enabled.  I'd like to selectively choose which apps to transfer from my PC-iTunes to my iPad. I dont dare  tick the "sync apps" in iTunes because earlier it synced ALL my apps from my iTunes desktop to my iPad. I can't go through 600+ apps and UNTICK them one by one.