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Feedback I just left:


Please count my vote to restore the 17" MacBook Pro line to "current."



It is a huge mistake to discontinue the flagship 17", even if sales are poor compared to other laptops.



It makes Apple look like a lesser Dell not to carry the 17".



It also makes me really sad. Instead of getting a new 17" at the end of the year like I planned, I'll hold onto this, my third 17", until it dies. Bummer. Bummer. Bummer.



What? You even took it out of the "which model do you own" dropdown in the comments?



Please, please don't make such un-Apple-like decisions, unless you want to be just another tech company. You didn't get to have the largest market cap in the world by making the kind of decisions every other ordinary company does.


I'm a girl, and I have no trouble carrying the 17" MacBook Pro back and forth to work every day.

MacBook Pro 17" 3.06ghz, Mac OS X (10.6)