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Hope you can help



Hi i am really enjoying Aperture and getting into the way it works so i thought i would restructure all my photos and tidy them up

first of all I'm running Lion iTunes10 latest version and aperture 3.3 all on a mac intel and a brand new macbook



I Started by copying the library over to the macbook so both are identical as I noticed when I imported into the mac, the macbook picked up the photos also, all this went well apart from a few thumbnails going wrong which i have a fix for.






Ok so the problem lies with itunes because I have restructured all my projects into year folders and changed some af the project titles and added some new projects altogether.


I cannot for the life of me get itunes to match the new aperture structure as you can the image of iTunes shows the way I had aperture structured before


Heres what i have tried so far


Closing both apps, deleting ipod cache in aperture libray,creating a new libray syncing that with i tunes reloading original Aperture library (old file structure come back )


I cant get itunes to see the new layout can you help



Thanks in advance











gether Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 12.41.10.png

Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 12.41.42.png

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    Just a guess .. .. the system does _a lot_ of maintenance behind the scenes.  I think you may have crossed the infield to the finish line before the system finished its run along its track.  My ignorant advice: give it some time.  Launch Aperture and let it run unmolested.  Leave iTunes closed.  Have a nice lunch.  Then reboot and see if iTunes has caught up with your Aperture changes (which seem simple, but could be massive from a data indexing point of view).


    Also .. again just guessing .. do you have anything going on that might in some way "hold on" to your old Aperture structure?  Photo Stream?  Facebook or other on-line syncing?

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    Thanks any help apreciated I did all this last night photo stream keeps turning itself off thats another issue 

    I'll deal with later lol 


    I have a flkr and facebook linked to aperture but can see why they would interfere


    hopefully someone else can chip in





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    Any one got an answer on this please???