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I recently bought a new laptop and transferred my iTunes library over. 


Now when I listen to music on my iPod, some songs will play to a random time and then just skip to the next song. 


What gives?

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Does this only happen with particular tracks, all of them, or just songs at random?  What is the original source for these tracks?  Were they downloaded from the iTunes Store or imported from outside of iTunes.


    Speaking of iTunes, do they play okay there without issue?



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    Its just random tracks.  Now that I think about it, I think it is just stuff I've ported from CDs.


    iTunes itself plays the music fine.   Just the iPod that hates me.

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    What format did you rip these tracks in?  MP3/AAC?


    Have you tried a hard reset of your iPod to see if that helps? To do this, first make sure the hold switch is in the off position, then press and hold both the Select (Center) and Menu buttons together long enoughf or the Apple logo to appear.


    You may want to see this article as well.

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