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My MacBook has suddenly gone dark. It charges fine and the battery lights show there's charge. The screen is very dark when powered up? When I turn the brightness down fully, then go to turn it up the screen lights up for a second then goes again? I think This is a common problem?

Anyone know what I can do? Is it fixable? I've had it since 2008.



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    Maybe your 'On Battery' settings have been adjusted. Check ' Apple Icon > System Preferences > Energy Saver'. Once there, if you're running on the power adapter change the settings so that the monitor never dims or goes to sleep. You can do the same for the battery settings, but it will greatly decrease your charge duration.

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    This is generally a hardware issue relating to either the inverter board which powers the backlight or the LCD panel itself.


    If it's the inverter board it pretty cheap to repair but if it's the LCD panel then it'll cost quite a bit.

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    Thank you


    It's a weird one? The desk top is barely visable when it happens. I am able to use it again right now though?


    It's four years old so maybe time for an upgrade.


    Appreciate the feed back.





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    Yeah it's the backlight going off. The graphics are still being display on the screen but the screen just isn't illuminated. It should work fine with an external display (however the machine won't be portable anymore)

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    Thanks for your advise.



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    Same thing happened to me. Started going dark sporadically then went dark and couldn't get it to light at all. Replaced screen.  Was told that was the issue.

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    This happened to me recently.  I changed both the inverter board and the inverter power cable and I still have a dark display which would lead me to believe that the problem is with the screen itself but if that's the case wouldn't the screen be "off" not dark? If I shine a light on the screen I can see the graphics, I thought that definitely meant the screen was ok.

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    I've a black macbook (serial W88150BW0P2) with pretty much the same problem.

    When I start it, may be the display works with back light or not.

    Then I start pressing light up/down buttons and suddenly, without any pattern and with a random times that I press light up/down buttons, backlight start to work again; still, sometimes, there's a black spot on the left side of the display.


    As far as I could read in teh foruns until now, it can be the inverter or the LCD.

    Can anyone help me to take the next steps?

    Where can I buy an inverter? what's the reference number for the inverter I should look for?

    How can it be replaced?


    Best regards, in advance.

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    I changed both, the inverter and the inverter cable.  Neither one worked which leads me to believe that it's either the display or that one of the pieces I changed were bad to begin with.  I doubt it's the display because if it was it shouldn't light up at all but I'm not a supertech so I could be wrong but no one in the forum was able to answer my question. 


    You can find the inverter and inverter cable from either eBay or powerbookmedic.com.  They are both cheap but getting to the item in the laptop is a bit of a pain in the butt especially when all the work was for nothing.


    Good luck

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    As Apple care had run out I bought a new MacBook Pro, still have the old MacBook which has the display problem but I wont get it fixed I doubt, it was four years old.

    Maybe book a Sesion with the Apple store, there tell you whats wrong.