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mswag Level 1 Level 1

How can we convince Apple that having a 17 inch Retina display is worthwhile for those of us PROFESSIONALS that use that larger screen and realestate?


I have had 3 17 inch models and have continuely upgraded to the latest and greatest and the 15 inch IS NOT adequate for the work I do on  day to day basis, Let's get together and MAKE THIS RIGHT.

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  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10

    Since less than 2% of Apple's notebook sales were the 17" model, your best bet is to convince a whole lot of people to pony up to the bar & open their wallets.

  • drewmunn Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think that's going to happen! The technical requirements of making a panel with that many pixels 17" in size would be massively draining on the battery, and difficult to build into a frame similar to the current model. Putting the techincal impossibilties of the situation aside, Apple have discontinued their standard 17" models, so it's unlikely that they'd revive a badly-selling format; the amount of money coming in from people purchasing it would probably outweigh the development costs and effort.

  • Bevi Level 1 Level 1

    As a designer and developer, I can't work on anything smaller than a 17" screen.

    And since I'm a trainer and onsite consultant, I need a 17" laptop, not a 15" one.

    I guess if one of Intel's HW developers came out with a 17" ultrabook, the market would go there. I'd switch from Apple to Win7/Win8 if that happens.

  • mswag Level 1 Level 1

    Understanding all of the technical issues and ll the other reasons to NOT make a 17" Retina Macbook Pro, why not just continue the line and include the old version of the screen, upgrade the hardware as much as it can be and keep this model as a version for those who WANT the larger screen.....even though it i a small marget segmnt, we are still the ones that those ussing the 13 and 15 inch models come to to learn, solve problems and be there cheap version of tech support and we ARE MARKETING PLUSES for Apple.

  • varjak paw Level 10 Level 10

    There's no point in arguing about the matter here. We're all just fellow users and have no say in the matter, If you want to comment to Apple, use their feedback pages:


  • Gavin Olukoju Level 1 Level 1

    I already have done thats all we can do. The more professionals that state their case then apple may see there is still a market for the 17" unit. Even if they sell it as a build to order option at least. Maybe if someone has the time a website could be set up so all these points can be presented to apple in a coordinated way?


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  • tc111 Level 1 Level 1

    I posted on Apple Feedback Page.


    "Apple do listen, one time they call me back with a customer issue I had in Apple store. I was surprised."


    Hi Apple,

    This is not a compliant, more of needed for Professionals, Business people, and Entertainment people.

    I do understand the low sale of 17 inch is a right decision for business. And probably will be an unfair budget to add Retina Display to push the pixels in 17 inch. I can tell you tried hard to maximize battery in the Laptop. The difficulty is huge. It is nearly impossible for you to make one in current technology.


    But that 2% of people buying 17 inch are the people who strives to make creative and others better just like you.


    Currently I am working oversea Broadcast, and our professionals just can't make a buy on the New Macbook Pro.  Hopefully my sentences may drive Apple to slowly find ways to make this happen. It does not need to be sudden, but really all of us is looking for your miracle with full respect.



    Thanks for listening.

  • davidfromsausalito Level 1 Level 1

    I think Apple is missing an important statistic.


    While it may be true that only 2% of their customers buy the 17 inch mbp,  I wonder what percentage of mac software is developed on 17 inch mbp?


    ie: the 2% may actually be writting 50% of the software that runs on the platform !

  • isec Level 1 Level 1

    ok, but in your opinion the 2% market share is due to the form factor

    or because of price.

    In other words a 17'' cheaper would have sold better?


    if the money is the issue how much would sold a 15'' top of line that is worth almost $3000?

    I would say 2% too.


    But if this is true the 17'' was dimissed not because of market share but for other reasons.

    - It might be that the production chain used for the 17'' now is working for the 15'' retina.

    - it might be that the 17'' will come in the future when the retina and SSD tech drops in price.

  • Gavin Olukoju Level 1 Level 1

    I have just seen a review on AnandTech for the new Retina MacBook pro.



    On the surface it looks like it can do everything the 17" can from a desktop perspective, usefully they have attached screenshots of the scaled resolutions 1920x1200 being key. I have yet to see this myself on a real machine but if it can give the same workable desktop space without borders on the top and bottom I could put up with the fact its a smaller screen. I will have to see in reality if the smaller text will make working (Software Development)  difficult or tiresome. Luckily I have good eyesight, hopefully this wont be ruined by looking at sharper but smaller text. Interestingly looks like you can run the desktop in its native resolution :



    not sure how practical it will be doing real work at that resolution on a 15" screen. 17" would make resolutions above 1920 x 1200 more usable.


    Screen aside a physically bigger laptop 17" should bring :


    More connectivity, e.g extra thunderbolt or usb ports, would the express card slot still fit, not essential but comes in handy for removable ssd storage.

    Better battery life as a phisically bigger battery coulb be fitted.

    More storage? Maybe a bigger array of ssd chips, or even a second ssd board as an option? 1000Mbps read speeds acievable if set up as RAID? Or just more space to store HD & Retina content.


    The latter at least would give the Pro more meaning in MacBook Pro.



  • Gavin Olukoju Level 1 Level 1

    I posted on Apple Feedback Page, I hope others do too.


    Hi Apple,


    Congratulations on the new 15” Retina MacBook Pro, it’s very innovative. I enjoyed the WWDC presentation and really appreciate the attention to detail you have given to the machine. I love that it’s thinner, the retina display will make it easier on the eye when reading text and viewing images. The asymmetric fans are a great idea! I for one will appreciate the difference when my CPU is taxed. I look forward to seeing the next generation MacBook Pro in my local Apple store soon. However I am very disappointed that there wasn't a 17” version of the Retina MacBook Pro announced.


    While I know apple will not design products for specific individuals and you have greater considerations when designing your product portfolio, I still think there should be a 17” version of the Retina MacBook pro for the reasons I am about to illustrate below. While the reasons below are purely personal, hopefully most of these views are echoed by your customers that have chosen to purchase a 17” MacBook Pro in the past.


    I moved up to 17” MacBook Pro from a 15”. While I loved the 15” Unibody MacBook Pro I chose to move up to the 17” for the following reasons:


    1. More desktop estate: while the performance of the 15” was excellent for the time I used it I found myself becoming frustrated with the desktop space and having to constantly switch between windows.
    2. Greater connectivity: the 17” version of the MacBook pro being physically bigger enabled it to have an extra USB port and to connect an extra iPhone, iPad or external drive, on the 15” model I found on a lot of occasions I had no USB ports free.
    3. Better battery life:, being physically bigger meant it had a bigger battery enabling me to work untethered for longer if required.


    Below are my justifications for a 17” Retina MacBook Pro:

    Portability was not a problem with the 17” as it’s only a fraction wider and deeper than the 15” but no thicker than the 15”. Fair enough that it was slightly heavier but not something I really noticed while travelling.


    Some may argue that you can just connect an external monitor if you need desktop space but this is not practical. Especially when travelling between multiple sites.


    I need extra desktop space not just finer resolution detail. For my line of work I’d rarely utilise the technical benefit of a retina display. I’d imagine some customers would have a need for a 3840 x 2400 panel up from 1920 x 1200 such as a photographer or video producer. However I would appreciate the sharper text sitting at the screen for several hours a day. A 17” Retina panel would enable me to visualise retina quality content for iPhone and iPad in development tools like Xcode with less panning around than on the upgraded 15.4” 2880 x 1800 panel which offers the same usable desktop estate as the 1440 x 900 panel it replaces.


    It would be frustrating for me in the future to have to use an iMac / Mac Pro just for the extra desktop estate when doing development and engineering work and then having to transfer data over to a smaller screen MacBook Pro when on client sites.


    Extra cost is not an issue I’d be happy to pay £800 – £2000 more for a 17” unit over the cost of an equivalent 15” model. With my current 17” MacBook pro I bought a CTO model for around £2,600 and spent a further £1200 upgrading immediately after my purchase installing 16GB Ram and a 500Gb SSD drive.


    Congratulations on the rise in people purchasing mac products. I’m glad the user base is growing as well as the ecosystem for developers like myself. However I would guess a majority of mac customers are consumers of content, gaming, home and office suite users rather than scientists, engineers, and developers. While the latter are the smaller demographic in your customer base they use your products to the fullest and have their place driving innovation and creating professional grade tools and apps using your machines.


    The 17” MacBook Pro may not have been the best selling laptop but it’s the flagship unit. I would imagine that is down to the type of user rather than any issue with the machine itself. If it’s profitable it should still be sold? There is a niche market for a Retina 17” MacBook Pro. I would imagine this market as being similar to the car market. BMW will sell less 7 series cars than 3 series but the 7 series has a higher spec and are targeted towards a different consumer with different needs.


    Please don’t be blinded by the sales figures the finer details sometimes count.


    Thanks for taking the time to read my email and I hope it may influence your decision to produce a 17” Retina MacBook Pro. I’ll be one of the first in line if you do.


    Thanks again for all the great products and innovations!


    Kind Regards

    Gavin Olukoju

  • isec Level 1 Level 1

    some thoughts...


    - if you work at the 15'' native resolution 1440 x 900

    4 retina pixels control 1 resolution pixel. you add details to the image that

    is crisp and clear.

    every resolution pixel can be smooth and crip because 4 retina pixel can add further details.


    - if you want more real estate let's say 1920 x 1200 you get 2 pixel for resolution.

    Less detail can be added... it like loosing the porpouse of the retina display.

    And furthermore... everything is smaller.


    But wasn't published years ago an Apple research where they stated that incresing

    screen size would increase productivity?


    you can try a 15'' with high resolution... but the true is... smaller makes you tired before.

  • Gavin Olukoju Level 1 Level 1

    I agree isec, for now I will make do with my 17" at 1920 x 1200 as long as I can until apple bring out a 17" retina display at or above 3840 x 2400 native res so we get the benefits of 4 extra pixels and still get the desktop space of 1920 x 1200 and the benefit of bigger more readable text that the 17" brings. Maybe apple will be bringing out a new product called iGlasses for all the people with tired and strained eyes looking at 1920 x 1200 on 15" screens ;-)

  • cludinsk Level 1 Level 1

    wjosten, impossible to buy something that doesnt exist. the regular 17" MBP was discontinued, no 17" Retina MBP was created, so there's no options at all.

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