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  • Jon P D Level 4 Level 4 (1,515 points)

    I think one of these would do nicely

    macbook pro.jpg

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9 (54,235 points)

    I have the opposite opinion. Neither MacBook is on its power adapter, so the batteries have run down a little from their maximum Full Charge capacity. MacBook #1 has a full charge capacity of 8441 MAh, while #2 has 8687, a very slightly higher Full Charge capacity.


    I think you are looking at sample differences. Both of these batteries ARE in new condition, with over 8000 MAh capacity, and under a dozen charge cycles. I see nothing of any concern here. Choose the prettiest one.


    EDIT: Or choose the one in the window directly above. It has a bigger screen.

  • veepro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah - -  both are from the Apple store here online and yeah - - both MBPs were not plugged in.  While plugged in the MAh is 8819.  How curious..


    I definitely went for the window display one - thanks everyone for your gracious help !   =^_^=

  • veepro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    when i purchased and downloaded OS X Mountain Lion, why didn't the application download to my Launch Pad??????  now that it is installed, should  I re-download it for it to appear as an applicaton in my Laugh Pad - thanks..

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9 (54,235 points)

    why didn't the application download to my Launch Pad?????? 

    Why didn't WHAT Application show up on your launchpad?

  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8 (43,065 points)

    Grant Bennet-Alder wrote:


    EDIT: Or choose the one in the window directly above. It has a bigger screen.


    It's the perfect compliment to The Big Piano upstairs.

  • veepro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    OS X Mountain Lion - that is considered an aplication right?  Why didn't the Mountain Lion aplication icon show up in my Launch Pad.   It just updates my MBP but I want the icon in my launch pad.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9 (54,235 points)

    Mountain Lion is the name for Mac OS X 10.8.


    When you first download it, it places an Application named "Install Mac OS X" in your Applications folder (but NOT on the LaunchPad).


    If you allow it to proceed with the Installation on that same drive, the Application contents are consumed in the process of Installation. If you tell it to Install on a different drive, the "Install Mac OS X" Application is deleted at the end of a successful Install.


    At the end of a successful Install, you are running 10.8. There is not point in placing an icon in the LaunchPad -- you cannot Launch it because you are already running it.

  • jbkalla Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I really like the idea of a 19" MB Pro!  I've been hoping for something like that for years, but am frustrated by the supposed "lack of customer interest".  What I really want when I buy a laptop larger than 15" is a Desktop Replacement.  I would think the base for this would be sufficient to justify its existence.  I don't care if it's retina, but I definitely want the option for a non-matte screen, similar to the current iMac.  I would LOVE it if Apple came out with a 19" MB Pro, though I would be OK with the 17" MB Pro.  I have the latest 17", and will need to replace it in a year or two.  There's no way I'm getting a 15" laptop.  It's too small for my eyes and for easy photo editing.

  • Gavin Olukoju Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    To all who are posting requests for a 19" MacBook Pro, I think such a sugesstion is ridiculous. I'm sure with all of these things there would be a niche market for someone who needs such a machine, but this forum has been set up to discuss the removal of a 'previously active product' from the apple laptop line. The 17" laptop was in my opinion well placed between the portable laptop lineup  <= 15.4" and the iMac 20" + the use case for a 17" inch machine is a machine that offers most of the portability offered by the <= 15.4" machines and the desktop real estate, regardless of resolution offered by the iMac lineup. There are some of us that preffered the larger form factor that the 17" offered, or used the 17" machine for tasks that could not be done or would be more uncomfortable on a physically smaller screen. If there are members that want a new 19" machine I recommend that they post messages on their own thread, and lobby apple seperately about it.

  • veepro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually I would have to agree please start a new thread for 19" petition. 


    Seventeen inch MBP is about the ultimate size and limit for a supreme portable notebook with no sacrifices.  I was really hoping big time for an updated 17" MBP without retina but just a slim and light new body with updated power.  I just have a hunch that they will come back.  I love the size and power of these fabulous pro-creative tools !!  Thanks.

  • STUPENDOUS!!! Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I too would love to upgrade to a 17" quad-core MBP with retina display. I do a lot of editing on my current 17" MBP, and I also have a MacBook Air that I take when I'm shooting to d/l HD & Audio from SD cards. But having the ability to work even faster and at higher res on a 17" would be great. I have edited an entire 90 min doco on my old 17" Powerbook (and won two awards for it), and many other projects on my MBP17. I am currently going for funding for a new TV doco, that I would happily edit on my MBP17, preferably a faster one with retina. Thanks.


    (I'm not sure about a  larger model, but I also agree that any discussion about a larger one should be under a new thread).

  • pc2k5 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If Apple were come out with a 17" MBP with retina display, the sales would spike since the 17" was not for sale for some time and then go right back down to the 1.5% of all laptop sales like it did in the past.


    A 17" MBP with retina display would not be any more noticable or specification wise different than the 15" MBP with the retina display....just like it was in the past.


    If Apple is still satisified with only 1.5% of all laptop sales for the 17" MBP, it should continue doing the things it did in the past that made the 17" hard to distinguish, specification wise and visual body size from the 15".


    If there would be a 19" MBP or a full keyboard 17" MPB, at least the general public and potential buyers at the Apple store, coffee shops, schools and offices would quickly notice it and at least ASK about it. Right now, because the 17" is difficult to distinguish from the 15" whether in the open or closed position, there is no sales pitch made from Apple sales personnel or existing customers.


    Talk of 17" MPB should always include it's financial and sales feasibility, both in the past and what Apple can expect in the future.


    Personally, since Apple came out out the iPad mini at 7.9", I don't think it would be all that bad to at least see some prototypes of say a 17.9" MBP and compare it to the 15". Or even make a empty shell mock up of 17.9" MBP and stick on a table of an Apple Store or drop by a coffee shop and see how many people ask about the 17.9" when compared to say a 17" MBP.

  • da bishop Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, if you put the 17 on top of the 15, you realise that there really isn't a lot in it from a physical perspective considering the external size. I don't consider my 17 inch macbook pro to be a large object.


    Carrying my previous 15 that was supplied to me by a company, and the 17 that I have for my own use, there's actually no difference whatsoever in portability once you've got it in a bag. It's a shoulder-bag sized object whichever way you look at it.


    Once you open the device up and use it all day, that's when you find the big difference. Much more productive. If you use software which has a lot of interface, and use a lot of files or assets, there's a big difference in comfort between not enough and just enough.


    If apple were to release a 19 inch laptop, preferably with a very very small bezel, I would buy it. Anything up to 21 inches I'd consider no trouble to carry around in the current retina format. I wouldn't need to buy a trolley or anything crazy. We're not talking genuinely big or heavy at those sorts of sizes these days. People used to have laptops the size of a suitcase with a 9 inch CRT screen and lead acid batteries.


    As laptops get thinner and lighter, I feel there's a strong argument for getting more screen area and battery on the professional desktop replacement model, keeping the weight consistent, but giving you more computer.

  • da bishop Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Matte Screen and original contoured keyboard... (this is a No Chicklet Zone)


    Absolutely! The chiclet keyboard has actually injured me. I'm not kidding. I had to stop working for 3 months and I'm still not 100% recovered. Travel is too short, bottom is *far* too hard.

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