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    4000/20 is 200dpi. 20 inch.


    4000/17 is 235dpi.


    Give or take a bezel

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    Can you show the formulas (or intermediate calculations) you used to get those numbers? Thanks.

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    tojotajunior, maybe your eyes are able to see just fine. That's great for you. But that means you should neither try to talk for or talk down to those of us who are aging, and whose eyes are starting to have difficulty.


    You suggest, "Just scale it up". Great suggestion. I already do that. I edit my word documents when my eyes are feeling strong at 125% and go to 150% when it's late at night and I'm tired. And that's why 15 inch displays are not enough. If you take a 15 inch display and scale everything up to 150%, that means it's the same as a 10 inch display for you. Do YOU want to work on a 10-inch screen?


    Yes, I can edit a word document just fine that way. But I oftentimes want to put two documents side by side, and even on my 17-inch display at 125% scaleup, I can't really do that. So a 15-inch display is going to be even worse.

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         I wasn't trying to talk down to you, it was just a suggestion because Apple isn't giving people the choices that they deserve. It was meant as a suggestion if you had a 15" Retina MacBook Pro and you were not able to cope. Reading it again, it does sound a little snarky and condescending, so I apologize. However, as I stated in a former post, one of the reason's that I said I originally wanted a 17" Retina MacBook Pro was because I, myself, didn't like to have to scale anything––I hate it! What I was trying to say that using the 15" laptop enabled me to compensate for there not being a 17" version and most people who had worsening eyesight could probably scale upwards. I failed to realize that most normal people don't, and shouldn't, have to cope with a product that they are spending a small fortune on. It's annoying really, and I can see where your impatience comes from. My mother has a hard time seeing, so seeing her displeasure, I can relate. Bigger is better, I guess. It's the same reason that I wanted a Retina iMac (which would be awesome––but not portable so substantially less awesome than a 17" Retina MacBook, but awesome nonetheless): the ability to see a full picture without having to really pay severe attention to detail. To have everything in complete clarity, but not having to see a portion of it rather than a whole (does that make sense?). So that is the reaoson that I support the 17" Retina MacBook Pro. It's not because I have bad eyesight, its because I can relate to not wanting to have to scale everything. Plus, overall, it would be a greater computer in general than the 15".

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    Can you (or anyone else) show the formulas (or intermediate calculations) you used to get those PPI numbers? Thanks.

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         You could search for ppi calculators in any search engine. Here are a few (they are very accurate):, You just type in the horizontal and diagonal pixel numbers and vertical screen size, and it gives you an answer. Simplicity does it.

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    While the retina display is nice.. I do consulting work .. working with huge spreadsheets, running virtual machines. It was stupid for Apple to drop the 17 inch macbook Pro. I need horsepower, memory and a large display so I dont go blind.. carting a large monitor along does not cut it. Why cant they release a 17 inch non-retina model and then release the 17 inch retina if it ever becomes available? Smaller high res displays are not better in all cases.


    LISTEN APPLE.. My applecare is running out on my current 17 inch macbook pro .. I need to refresh it with a new model this year (hopefully with something I can put 16GB memory in) I DONT care about retina.. but I DO CARE about a larger screen. If I have to move back to the world of microsoft and another vendors 17 inch laptop .. I WILL have to do that. Small screens are great for traveling managers and such and retina is great for photographers (but Im sure they would like the 17 inch as well) but I rely on my 17inch macbook for all my contract engagements.

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    I completely agree with the above post.  I'm a professional writer.  I'm used to using a 17 inch MBP.  Being forced to drop down to a 15 inch would severely hurt my productivity. I can't use an iMac because I'm frequently moving papers, the computer and other materials around on my desk.  Also, I can look over the MBP out to a nice view. An iMac would block my view.  Furthermore, I travel occationally.  The 17 inch is fine on the road. 


    Some people have mentioned selling a larger MBP, maybe 19 or 20 inch, to differentiate it from the 15 inch more.  When closed the 15 and 17 inch models might be hard to distinguish. But once you do work on them, the difference is huge.  I think the 17 inch looking like the 15 inch is an asset.  You get a lot more screen real estate, better speakers, and other enhancements, in a still relatively small computer.  Someone mentioned adding a numeric keypad on a larger MBP.  I'd rather have larger speakers.  I never use numeric keypads when they're available.  Many people are used to the current keyboards. 


    The larger MBP discussion might divert from bringing back the 17 inch MBP.  That's what I strongly want and need, as do many people on this thread.  The 17 inch enhances the whole line by giving the MBP a more professional image.  Abandoning the 17 inch was like abandoning much of the professional market. 


    Even at low sales, Apple probably was making a great profit margin on the 17 inch.  As many others have said, I don't care about the Retina display.  The display on my 17 inch is outstanding.  I agree with the above statement:  re-introduce the 17 inch without retina, then sell it with retina if it becomes available.  If Apple is not making enough money on the 17 inch, raise the price.  The 17 inch MBP is my preferred work tool. I'd pay substantially more than $2,500 for it. 


    I would not like having to switch to a 17 inch PC/Microsoft laptop.  But if my choice is a 15 inch MBP or 17+ inch PC laptop, I'd seriously consider the PC.  As a writer, I do nearly all my work on Microsoft Word.  I also use Outlook for email.  So the transition from Apple to PC would be doable.  It would allow me to maintain the higher productivity of a 17 inch laptop. 


    Apple, I hope you're reading this thread.  Think about who uses the 17 inch.  It's mostly not high school kids.  It's often people at the top of their professions.  Do you really want to allienate and possibly lose these types of customers, customers who often would be willing and able to pay premium prices for a 17 inch laptop? 

  • David Bengali Level 1 (15 points)

    Great points, but apple does not monitor these discussions.  Please submit your thoughts to for these opinions to have a chance of reaching apple.

  • NY27 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the advice!  I submitted my comment on the site you noted.  I hope Apple listens to the many people on this thread. 

  • sbeaton Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks David .. I sent the feedback as well. Hope others will do so. Apple needs a wake up call and nothing says it better than *alot* of feedback from their customers.

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    heres my 2 cents,


    [if someone already posted this type of thought sorry i didnt go through the whole thing]...


    So i was thinking how Apple uses some sneaky sales tacticts, so why dont they just come  back with the 17" pro and make it with the retna but the twist would be to make it the only size in the line up to have the retna, just for a while, then upgrade the other 2 models, or get rid of the 13"... and have just the 15" and the 17" and they will probably sell the 17" more than they used to,

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    what i would like to see...


    Drop the 'Air' term from the name ... reintroducing the MacBook in 11" & 13" models, all standard screens.

    Drop the 'Retina' term from the name ... all MacBook Pros have Retina screens (greater than 200ppi).


    Losing the 11" MBA would have a similar effect on the community as losing the 17" has had.  With that being said, I think this temporary.  Perhaps the development of the screen is taking longer than expected, but I think we will see the return of the 17".  And as far as tricky marketing ... well it will be received with far more hype this way.  Apple's stance in the past on product viability is not based solely on market share.  if it was ... we may not be using c-touch 'phones' or replacing laptops with so many do now.  Someone has to be the pioneer, the innovator, and Apple has done well so far.  Now, that's likely to change, but not over night.

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    I sure hope so, I use Photoshop heavy on my 2009 and rely on the 17"sceen to review the photos and would upgrade straght away if Apple introduce the 17" model again.  Come on Apple pull your finger out, I'm sure there are thousands of customer willing to pay the pice tag for a 17" model.  I wouldn't downgrade to a smaller screen.

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