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  • PuNiTTT Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes that's exactly how I feel. The 13 & 15' are for school kids. The MacBook Pro 17" was meant for professionals! I think Apple won't get the message unless all 17" MBP owners refuse to purchase the 13 or 15". I doubt they all decided to stick with their previous 17 MBP.

  • Nimpan Level 1 (0 points)

    I am using MBP 17" and will of course never go to a 15" or less. I normally switch my 2011 computer now but I will make an exception this time and upgrade this one with a solid state and 16GB of memory and hope it lasts another year. After that without a new 17" from Apple I will go back to the PC world again.


    We have at least a couple of people at my company that has switched back to PC again because of the lack of 17" Apple. A couple of years ago it was the other way around, people switched from PC to Mac, but now it starts to get less MacBooks at the office again. People don't like Windows, but nowdays they start buying PC machines and installes Linux on them.

  • AmirfromEgypt Level 1 (0 points)

    Bold move, mine is a late 2007 built and i upgraded the HD to a 256 GB SSD from OWC and it's great. Starts within 30 seconds. At least till apple moves back to the 17" market again.....hopefully !!

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    I still don't understand why Apple has stopped producing the 17"MBP, it was their flagship model and offered the power of the IMac with the convenience of being able to use it wherever you want.  Flagship models are about showcasing what a company can do, and all companies have them and they are always outsold by smaller more affordable versions.  But that does not mean that their isn't demand for them.


    Look at BMW 3 series, it easily out sales the 7 series but the 7 series is so much more, the same goes with TV's. 50" screen sale dwindle comapred to that of 32" version.  But they keep producing them as there are still making profit from these product lines.  I sure Apple was too with the 17" model, I think there are missing the direction of the great, late Steve Jobs.  Hopefuly they will see sense are re-launch a much improved version.

  • AmirfromEgypt Level 1 (0 points)

    Well said !!

  • David Bengali Level 1 (15 points)

    @Nimpan, this is proof of actual company and user behavior that Apple should hear about if they doubt it would actually happen.


    it would be great to let them know at


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    Fear Not, Do not dispair. It appears Tim Cook is giving himself and Apple wiggle room.


    He (Tim Cook) stated specifically that Apple would not ship a larger phone "while such trade-offs exist," leaving just enough wiggle room for a future announcement where it can claim all those issues have been eradicated.



    If a future iPhone 6 with a LARGER SCREEN than the iPhone 5 is being delayed because of quality issues, than why not the 17" MBP retina display be delayed?


    If Tim Cook is not saying a bigger screen for a larger iPhone is out of the question, than why not a 17" MBP.


    By the way, the only way hedge funds and stock holders can make money is if there is a increase in stock price. If AAPL were to float at around $500-$700, who could make any money in the next year or 2? It's already at record highs!!!


    Hence, even if a hedge fund believes and knows for sure that APPLE is a solid company for years to come, they know they can't make any money for long time if it stays in the $500-$700 range. Would It not be wise for them to get out and park their money and hope that human emotions and a novice investors buy their stocks at $500-$700?


    Don't be surprised that Hedge funds are salivating that AAPL is under $400 as you can bet they are buying now.


    Don't be surprised that, again, they can easily pump it to $700 again and with the iPhone larger screen and other new things...


    Any company with solid fundamentals and DIVIDEND payouts and buybacks can easily go up and up...


    Don't be surprised that Money managers and Hedge funds want it to be a very bumpy ride on the way up.

  • SOLASH007 Level 1 (0 points)

    Come on APPLE!! STOP F***ING AROUND, BRING BACK THE 17 inch!!

  • pc2k5 Level 1 (0 points)

    Steve Wozniak discusses his dependency on a MacBook Pro and his affinity for transistor radios - ENGADGET

    What gadget do you depend on most?

    Macbook Pro 17-inch for most of my email, including web links and video links.



    See, even the co-founder uses a 17 inch Mac Book Pro.

    You better believe there's hope for 17in MPB in the future and you can bet on it that he knows the exact technical problems on why it's not out yet!

  • myfz6 Level 1 (10 points)

    really?   Never.   To each his own i guess.   I was sad to see the 17" go, I was wanting the 17 " retina but it did not happen. so i got the 15" again

  • myfz6 Level 1 (10 points)

    I don't get it but they have their REASONS, I think it's more than 2 % that were buying 17", a lot of people prefer the bigger screen for a LOT of reasons.  And with a 17" there is a lot more room to have more USB 3.0 like maybe 4 USB and keep the EXPRESS CARD/34 and the NEW Slot as well.  I wanted a 17 " but they did not offer it for Retina so i was stuck with getting another 15".  IF APPLE CUSTOMERS WOULD DEMAND APPLE to make a 17" let their VOICES BE HEARD I think apple would have no choice.  But APPLE Does what it wants and we follow suite.

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    Not only does Woz have the 17inch, he also has the matte antiglare screen - something also no longer available. : (

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    I'm with the woz, that's what I'm typing on right now. Just got back from a heavy as **** international trip last week on foot aeroplane and public trasport with just my laptop bag, and I was not overly concerned with the form factor or weight.




    Regarding the ExpressCard34 removal, only some machines are turkeys, those released without the slot and also without thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is PCI down a cable, so the newer macs have the equivalent of many PCI or expresscard slots.

  • br_apple Level 1 (0 points)

    Sent in my request to  Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Thailand Amulets Level 1 (5 points)

    I agree with you completely and add myself to the list of definite buyers.. i have currently a 27 inch iMac and a 13.3 inch macbook air, airport extremeand an iphone 5 with 64 gb


    i am now realising that snce im useing the air with i5 processor 13.3 inch 250gb drive its a it small and my eyes are strained.. i dont really ise the imag except for movies and just connect to it with macbook air for soome stuff, but i came here to store for a look at the 17 inch model as15 is too small for my next purchase, i wont ever go desktop again i want laptop only but the air for outside working on the road and for home, i still prefer a laptop so i am not stuck at a desk and can move it from room to room or even sit outside in the garden.. but i want now a macbook pro laptop, not for travel, but for home use, for which reason 17 inches and as you suggest a 19 inch would be perfect for my uses.. not enough customers is an obvious point but as you say, apple dont need to rentbilitize such a ting rather just use it for the flagship and for high end users with the money to spend like me..


    please apple in ten days i need to buy a macbook pro but the 15 inch is only 1.7 inches bigger than my 13.3 inch model so what wll that help my eyes? hardly any!



    Please get that 17 inch back on the market now! and do a 19 inch flagship as our friend here says he is serious and im taking him seriously and so am i serious, i will support and buy one and share it all over the place and sing its praises as much as i do every day on fb with my macbook air.

    If apple really made some 17 inchers and retracted ill buy one i dont care if you dont guarantee so sell me your defunct model or something i need a 17 inch this is seriously missing from the range now.. 15 as biggest screen no good


    Once you go Mac, you never go back

    it is true

    i used windows for ten years now i think i must have been crazy


    why did apple take the 17 inch off the market what a bad move i was about to buy one.


    My only solution now is to buy a thunderbolt to pc screen or hdmi and use a second screen.. but that doesnt get me to spend 70 thousand baht on a 19 inch model does it.. less money in apple's pocket and bad salesmanship therefore (like the fact you cant use paypal on the store as only 3% of the wortld has a credit card.. and foregners in Thailand cant get one even if you open a ten million dollar company. They have a policy with the banks that they do not issue credit cards to foreigners. This means that apple loses about 15 movies and 4 albums and 5 apps a week i would purchase, and would have purchased about 150 thousand baht of stuff on the store by now if they accepted paypal..


    You are losing money Apple! and missing out on a potential 97% of potential onlne sales with paypal express checkout.. why? credit cards = 3% of the online shopping population. Paypal please!


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