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    Hi GarnetR,


    You stated you are a "Software deverloper". If you need a 17" Mac than you are not professional.

    Which means you are a professional: ) and you totally right to go for 15" even smaller.

    Example " IBM" Computers, I believe most coders encontered.


    I recommanded if you have a chance to worked with creative group of professionals, see their monitors compare to coders. Ask them why you can't work on lower size. There is always a reason why, and it is extremlly critical!


    3 Professional state on:


    Photoshop Retouchers.

    -Zooming in the image 800% above

    -Move around image in 800% above focus.

    -Professionals retouchers takes down one people magazine in half an hour in bare eyes can't tell no difference.

    (Without Color Correcting)


    3D Artist/Animators.

    - One of the most needs for larger screen upon all professionals.

    - Sculpturing, Animation, Close-up texturing... so on so on.

    P.S I feel quite bored stating this one, it is way to obvious.  Most of them must work on iMac instead of laptop, due to more larger size of monitor flexibility.


    Post Production Video Editor.

    - Timeline zooming out and in, mupltiple layers. Dealing Two monitor view in Non-learning editing software.

    Effects, Rotoscoping, Green screen more bigger deal!

    - If you have to catch mistakes you need to have a large screen.  Such as color, frame, positioning, Layout.


    Note: You may ask then why don't just work on an iMac, get a big desk monitor.

    Most creative professionals must had freelance expereince. Due to that, traveling, remoting needs laptop to go with. Well including showing to your clients of your work. 15" inch or 17"inch tell your clients to pick one.

    Again: 2 inch makes a huge difference in viewing, and moving images.



    To be fair here is

    3 Professsional stated does not need:



    - Text, and movement does not need 3D Space or extended place: ) Just press "Enter" to the next line.

    - Error, troubleshoot. It can highlight in color, or just viewing it like a book.

    - I mean compare text size, than picture image size...that is big different. I will have a 13 inch instaed: )


    Stock Traders.

    - In Trading floor, you will only see multiple monitors, it can be up to 10 monitors per one person working on.

    But the size never tend to be big. Look at numbers and charts going up and down. Mostly just looking, not moving. Company include Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg.



    - Top priority is money, does numbers needs a larger screen?

    - Spreedsheed, Excel, Word. ....i think...15 inch is good enough: )

    - Contracts, papersize ...A4...size is good enough, I am not going to make a large Billborad like Graphic Artist mostly do. Or if you do want to make a Billborad size signature That is probablly for Lottery.


    Overall these professionals must perfer smaller size computer to travel around. Showing data, codes, and charts in fast time. (Time is money, no fooling with big fancy screen, get to the point!)


    Note: I believe some of these probablly need bigger screen if I offended, I apoligized. Feel free to correct me. One of my friend is a professional hacker using Linux, he had a 17"mac and I don't know why, its not my expertise.

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    Hi All,



       Thanks very much for the constructive feedback and reasons for some of us choosing or needing a 17" version of the macbook pro. Please all of us lets try and keep this thread on topic, which is tying to illustrate to apple that some of their customers would like a 17" version of their macbook pro product, retina or otherwise. This is about choice and that a subset of the customer base has had a product and a choice removed from them. Let's not let this decend into an attack on who is professional or not based on the size of laptop they have, or what job they do. Granted the 17" have been seen as big to some customers, but the people that chose a 17" version of the product did so of their own free will and for their own reasons and would like apple to give them their choice back or a suitable alternative.


    If anyone needs to get in touch with apple about the need for a 17" version of their macbook pro range please visit this link.



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    WE WANT THE 17 inch BACK... Some of us have vision that is not what it once was, and the 17 inch was just right.  Going smaller is not an option.

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    There seems to be some confusion by some posters regarding the amount of "real estate" that one can fit on the new retina display 15 inch MBP vs the 17 inch . The answer is that they accomodate almost the exact same amount of "real estate". The 15 inch rMBP actually edges the 17 inch by a tiny amount (obviously everything is just smaller). Here is how you can objectively compare "real estate" area between two screens when their size and/or resolutions differ:


    Open a new excel spreadsheet. Make sure the view is "normal" (not page) and the size is 100%. Then, maximize the spreadsheet (hit the green button). Now look at how many columns and rows you see.


    For the 15 rMBP, the columns will extend out to "AC" (29 columns) and there will be 58 rows present (there will be a sliver of the 59th row visible). Thus, the area of the rMBP can be described as ACx58 (29 columns and 58 rows). For reference, a 27 inch iMAC is AMx76 (39 columns, 76 rows).


    When this maneuver is performed on the 17 inch, the area is ACx57 (29 columns and 57 rows). So you basically have one less row on the 17 inch... hardly a difference to care about, but it does point out that if an objective standard is used, the 15 inch rMBP fits the same amount of real estate on its screen as the 17 inch. If the smaller size is a problem, then that is a different issue.  

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    Thats a good point if a machine is used for spreadsheets, wordproccessing or other office based tasks... However this is not always the case for all users. Some users like software developers may use IDE's where they ideally need to have all the associated windows fitting onto the same desktop without having to constantly switch or move windows around. This helps with clarity of thought and increases productivity. I'd like to think issues are similar for customers who use tools like photoshop, and video editing software. Engineers who may use CAD and 3D software. As good as an individual computer or peice of software may be it will not fit everyones needs, hence the need for 13", 15" and 17" machines. The customer can then decide what is the best fit for them.


    By apple removing the 17" version of a laptop they have potentially cut out a section of their customer base or have forced them unwillingly to work on a smaller machine. With a few caveats (*upgradability) I think most feel that the general direction of the new Retina MBP is right and that it is a good machine, but as good as it is it is not suitable for all. Even more so for the customers that chose to purchase the 17" versions of the machine.


    Some may argue that why should we care about software developers, creatives and engineers that use the macbook pro or other apple machines to work on?The reason I would give is that these people have chosen to work on the best platform available to them and have their part driving innovation as well as contributing to the platform. Upsetting them and driving them away could push them to a platform that gives them the freedom to work how they want potentially making the apple platform stale where apps get developed for other things first and apple second or third.

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    The point that the 15 inch rMBP has the same functional area as the 17 inch is valid no matter what task you are doing. The purpose of using the spreadsheet to illustrate the point is that it is easy to objectively quantify the effective screen area using each cell as a unit of "functional area". The fact that you may be doing tasks that are not spreadsheet based will not change this. The only difference is that everything will be smaller. The relationships between objects in windows, and windows to the screen as a whole, will remain unchanged.


    Now if you feel the need to increase magnification on your applications to compensate for the smaller size... THEN your effective screen area will decrease. In this case, the higher resolution does not help you maintain the same functional screen area. This could be a problem for users who can not deal with the scaled down size.


    Having said that, if Apple came out tomorrow with a 17inch rMBP that was close to 5lbs, I would IMMEDIATELY upgrade from the 15 inch rMBP I am typing this on. I just received it last week but thats how much I would love to see them implement the retina display on a 17inch. The effective screen area would probably be close to that of the 27 inch iMac. That would be amazing. I think they will do it eventually. I am sure there are some kinks they need to work out. The one that comes to mind is battery life. Judging by the battery life I am getting (7hrs?, a 17inch rMBP would probably last all of 45 minutes unless they gave it a gigantic battery... which would destroy the appeal. Hopefully, it is just a matter of time.

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    Back to the origingal an compare the pixels however you want, the fact is a 17" IS bigger than a 15" and provides not only the real dimensional size but the impression of a bigger screen to use.


    Forgetting about the impressions and prestige and ego factor that we 17" owners need so bad......AS PROFESSIONALS in our respective fields we use THE LARGER SCREEN size as we see fit and this is not an idle desire but one we use on a daily basis to make our work flow better and our eyes more acute to our projects.


    Measure it how you want techniclly....there is SO MUCH MORE to the requirement for a 17" MPB than breaking it down to pixels per inch or whatever you wish.


    Doing daily tasks on a 15" screen realestate is just not something I want to matter how much better it looks or how it would compare to a 17" with the same whatever.....the real difference is mush more than measuring with a mircrometer.

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    I am one person who needs 17 inch....I travel around and carry my laptop with me all the time. I work a lot of my laptop and require a big screen to be comfortable working on the laptop. I need to fit a lot of screens into one sometimes and this is essential for my work. I need to show clients work done and a 17 inch is just perfect!


    I have submitted a feedback to Apple... I urge everyone there who cares to so the same on this link:


    This is not what Apple brand promised us at the start... it was purely commercial decsion since the 17 inch sold something like 1.7% of their total laptops....eventhought, those people chose the 17inch for a reason.


    We hate companies that ignore customers... i hope apple does not lets us down on this issue!

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    Also tweet this issue and post it on other social networks.... if we do not take action, apple would not care!!!

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    My organization uses the large display Macbooks for video training and because it's a mobile operation we stay away from iMacs. We ordered 10 of the new 15" machines and I'm sure they'll be great - fantastic actually. Would we have bought 10 17" 'ers if they'd been available - absolutely. But the mix of ssd's, retina display and ivy bridge was irresistable and made more sense than getting the 17" older generation. 

    I will also use the feedback link so Apple will see this. We buy every couple of years, so we'll be in the stream again before too long.

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    Yeah, but that is just the kind of reation APPLE wants.


    Where does that put Apple's motivation to come out with any kind of a 17" if YOU are willing to settle.....

    .......and YOU DID.

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    I've been trying to decide whether to get the new 15" with Retina Display or get the most current 17" available (I currently have an early 2009 MBP 17"). I went to the Apple store and looked at the rMBP and they look great. But I need the screen real estate on the larger monitor for the type of work that I do, so I've decided to get the last 17" MBP available. Fortunately, they're still available from a number of resellers as new models, so I'm able to meet my needs today. For all the people that seem to be wanting the 17", I'm surprised that the inventory of 17" models has not sold out already. Perhaps that fact is why Apple is discontinuing the 17" model.

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    Add me to the list of 17" MBP devotees that will not purchase another MBP until a 17" retina version is released (I have the current 17" MBP).  It's not only a matter of screen size-- there's also battery capacity and the larger handrest/trackpad area that is important to the way I work.


    Apply, please move forward with the 17" retina MBP-- or at least confirm for your loyal fans that there will not be one so we can make other plans.

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    How do you know that the 15" inventory is sold out? I think the remaining invetory on both 15" and 17" are discounted making space for the new coming model. 17" less a lot less than the 15" and apple decision was purely commercial!! still there are fans who would go for the 17" is not like the company is losing money producing the 17", they just want to take the easy path and focus on the most profitable products!


    Apple... the point is 17" compliments the 15" in your range...keep producing it! otherwise you will start loosing to competitors!

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    Guys you need to make a fuss about this issue on social networks and in blogs and fourms for apple to listen to us.


    I have tweeted this, please retweet it:



    I will make facebook and g+ posts about the issue...raise awarness and complain.

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