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    I was speaking only about the 17" model that has been discontinued. They seem to be readily available at many online stores. I was trying to make the point that I bought mine because I was afraid inventory would sell out with how many people seem to be wanting a 17" model, but since there's inventory readily available, maybe they're not as in demand as we all think they are.

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    I've heard the 17" MacBook Pro was discontinued because it simply wasn't selling well. If that's true, it makes sense. Apple wants to sell as many MacBooks as possible without making a loss due to producing them and not enough buying though.

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    Im not so sure it was discontinued due to lack of sales, though this could be the case. I think it may have been removed as it was too similarly priced against the 15" Retina MacBook pro, and that anyone who wanted a high end laptop from apple may have still gone for the old style 17" as if spec'd up would give as good or better performance than the 15" Retina MacBook Pro for a slighly lower price. I also think that it may have been discontinued due to the lower yields on making a 17" retina quality screen, making it uneconomical to produce a 17" Retina MacBook pro in the same form factor, thickness wise as the 15" Retina Macbook Pro.


    Whatever the decision for discontinuing the 17" I still think its foolish and short sighted of apple to discontinue the 17" version of the laptop. I very much doubt the machine would have been sold at a loss even if only a relative few people were buying them, I say relative as Im sure apple sell alot of laptops, but of course they are going to sell most of the cheapest entry level 13" laptops, the next biggest teir over the 13" sales will be the entry level 15" laptops. The 17" would sell the fewest as I imagine a majority of the 17" machines would have been sold to professionals, people who use the machines to make a living, rather than students or people that like 'cool' stuff. I'm sure that some professionals can get by with smaller 13" and 15" laptops, but that isn't the complete picture and will not suit all, especially those used to the size and real estate offered by larger screened machines. Personally it will be hard for me to go back to a 15" macbook pro retina or otherwise.


    I'm getting the feeling that apple are largely ignoring their professional customers, this is apparent from the lack of updates to the rest of their equipment that would be used by professionals, e.g the Mac Pro, Time Capsule etc.


    I also don't think that the size or weight of a 17" laptop posed much of a problem for professionals either, the laptop was no thicker than the 15" version something which few other PC manufacturers have been able to achieve. The 17" version was only marginally heavier and offered better battery life. Given that the machine was marginally heavier if it was that much of a problem to me I'd either buy a smaller macbook pro if I needed to work for significant lengths on a train or plane and use my 17" on the road or office.


    By removing the 17" macbook pro as an option due to size / poor sales, does apple now expect me to carry around the 15" retina macbook pro and a monitor from site to site? regardless of how light the retina macbook pro is, carring that and a display or buying a display to leave on each site is ridiculous!

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    - The 17" Macbook Pro sold just 5%. Ok. 

    - Who were this 5%? Mainly professionals, developers, engineers, ect. 

    - Who develops software? Developers, in that 5%.

    - What means cancelling the 17" model? Loosing a good part of that 5%, developers included.

    - What does loosing developers mean? Less software for the Mac platform as a whole.

    - What does less software mean? Less customers attracted by Apple. Less revenues. Decreasing market share.


    The position of total control of the platform Apple has brings both pros and cons. Among the cons, the fact that the company is RESPONSIBLE for providing the whole range of computers to its customers, from the 11" to the 17" laptops, up to the 30" desktop. No matter their market share. If you cut the 17" line, everything else could collapse quickly, since developers need big screens to perform their job decently. And today just a small part of them can afford to do their job staing seated at the same desk forever!


    If the issue is the price of a 17" retina display, it is a non issue. Use the old, cost effective, 1980x1280 version, that for most developers is much more confortable to work with compared to a 15" display, no matter its resolution.


    The alternative is simple. Develop a new kind of display, that either is mounted on glasses or projects its image on the retina directly. With a decent resolution. Doing that, the computer itself could shrink without constraints, and could fit in a pocket. But since they have been doing research on this topic for more than a decade, and nothing is available on the market, yet, you had better offer the 17" model again!


    In the mean time I am looking for a used 2011 Macbook pro, 17" of course.

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    There are lots still available as Apple refurbished units, here:



    Be sure to send your thoughts directly to Apple using the feedback links:


    Product Feedback

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    Add me to the list. I've also filled out the product suggestion form to bring a 17" option back.


    No matter how you slice it, no matter how much higher the resolution is on a 15" rMBP, the fact remains: I have two undesireable options: a) attempt to view the same amount of stuff on a 15" as I do on the 17" - but that will make everything smaller.  or b) attemp to keep everything the same physical size - but then I would have to scroll, to see the same amount of stuff. Neither of those things are options. No amount of pixels per square inch will ever change these facts. Even if you gave me some miraculous 500-trillion pixel screen that was 8 inches in size, I am still stuck with only 8 inches of real work space, just a sharper work space. It's not an option.


    Why do I need 17" of visible space? I am a creator..

    1. I am a professional database engineer, and I simply need a lot of screen real estate. I want that real estate plastered across 17 inches, not 15 inches. I need to see a whole slew of things arranged on screen to make my work smoother without fidgeting with additional keystrokes or gestures that simply should not need to be done. And I want them all big enough to actually see, with no gesture inputs just to see stuff.


    2. On the side, I play around with music composition. DAW software loves to have all sorts of stuff everywhere on the screen.


    3. I love watching HD and blu-rays in my (obviously modified) 17" MBP. 17 inches sort of crosses the threshold that goes from annoyingly small (15"), to a somewhat entertaining and acceptable size to watch a movie.

    And about the new rMBP in general:

    4. I actually use all of those supposedly useless plugs along the side, on a regular basis. That's right, I do use them. Transferring large music projects to inexpensive and readily available firewire800 drives, much faster than wifi. Thousand-dollar, perfectly good, awesome firewire audio interface needs a firewire port. When working on hosted, extremely delicate database schema: better connect to solid ethernet, the last thing I want is a faultering wifi radio signal when writing new schema to a live solution in use by hundreds of people. I also like to boot from SSD, yet still retain the large hard drive AND my (internal blu ray) optical drive: SSD card in the Expresscard34 slot is my solution in the 17", I have the best of all three worlds. Not possible on the new rMBP.


    5. The new rMBP is no longer thinner and nicer when your briefcase has now 8 dongles and attachments to keep track of, instead of the usual 4. Just give me the choice to carry around a laptop that has everything already neatly bult into it, let it be a few mm thicker, a pound or two heavier, with a much bigger screen and fewer dongles hanging off of it.


    Let a fully-endowed 17" be an option for those of us who want it.

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    I've send the below suggestion to Apple but I'm 100% sure they will just ignore it like the way they did in 90s. I'm sending regards to the responsible low IQ people which decided to remove 17" which many software developers using to develop iOS applications as well. Great job, continue good work. We miss you Jobs.




    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -


    Dear Sir/Madam,



    I've a 2009 Mac Book Pro 17' and I wanted to upgrade it by buying a newer Mac Book Pro with the same screen size then I found out there is no 17" option available and Apple is not developing any more 17' laptops.



    As a developer that 2" is really important for us no matter what 15" retine display can emulate' it can't emulate 2" in real life. Me and my family also own some other Apple products as well.



    If sales is your priority other then current customers you better think again.

    You don't give a **** for the developers who developed iOS/Mac Os applications if we don't use Mac it means we don't develop iOS applications. Don't forget that our applications earns you money, if we don't develop you sell nothing.



    The real sad thing is after Jobs Apple just started to be the old Apple once again. Whoever made this stupid decision to remove 17" laptops from production line should be fired right away.



    Best Regards.

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    Now that apple has won some budget... Maybe they can plough some of this 'windfall' into the release / development of a 17" Retina MacBook Pro?

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    I can fully subscribe to that.


    So we now use retina displays — and for that very reason I won't care about pixel resolutions any longer, and the only thing that matters is physical size, just with a sheet of paper.

    And if I am doing serious development work, or something in the creative area, I just need an appropriately sized sheet of working real estate. On my desk, I have a 30" Cinema HD connected to my MBP and a 27" iMac. Regarding a notebook computer, this has to be 17 inch, I'm afraid.


    Furthermore, I'm not getting younger, and my eyes have certain needs regarding text/detail size.


    But maybe there's hope — I can understand that at the moment it is a) technically not yet possible to produce a retina 17-inch display for a reasonable price, and b) perhaps Apple does not want to have a two-headed portfolio, with a 15-inch retina and a 17-inch non-retina model. This causes discontinuation of the 17" MBP for the time being.


    So maybe one day there will be a comeback of a 17-inch notebook, this time with a retina display. Progress keeps on going. And if not from Apple, then from some other manufacturer, which may also add some enforcement upon Apple.

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    I love my Mini and really want a MacBook Pro this year. If i am watching a movie on a laptop, i don't like anything less than 17".  I am also a developer.  I need a larger screen for comparing code side-by-side and seeing larger sections of code in the same window.  Not having the MacBook Pro available in a 17" version has made my decision very difficult.  I can't just wait for something that may never come.  This may be the deciding factor for me to buy a non-Mac laptop.

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    I understand that Apple do not want to create the 17" Retina display Macbook Pro, with complication of actually making this with keeping up to the standard of Apple. However something that is getting me is that even if they are not putting a 17" Retina display in, why is it that they are removing the 17" Macbook Pro out.


    With the new retina display models it is not just the screen that has improved, everything has! This is what to be honest is very annoying! Why is it that Apple can not create a new Macbook Pro 17" with all the improvements that the 15" Retina Display Macbook Pro has? Just looking at the cooling system and the extra ports makes me want one!


    There is a very small market for the 17" Retina Display Macbook Pro just look at the comments from this forum, moaning about your job is rubbish, I am in the British Army and I would still buy one. I use my 17" for films, photoshop, Trackor Pro 2 and Final Cut Pro 6 which to have a larger screen is a lot better.


    I am looking at getting the 15" just because of the improvements, getting a 15" Retina Display worth the same as my current 17" one I get a **** of a lot more computer however not having the space on the screen to move things around and keep it displayed would annoy me a lot!


    To be honest I believe Apple should make a 17" Retina Display Macbook Pro, however make them on demand?

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    I have never used anything else then 17" laptops. I moved from PC to Mac with this computer that is the latest MacBook Pro 17". I use it at work and I have colleges using both Mac and PC and almost every laptop is 17" (except for some sales guys that have smaller ones). Everyone regularly change for new computers and we can choose whatever we want. I think I can promise that everyone that today use MacBook Pro 17" will choose a 17" PC laptop for their next computer if there is no such choice with Mac. Simple as that. There is also a big chance that in a couple of years the ones with 15" MacBooks will use PC version also because all developers are using PC and that would make the life of sales people miserable being the only ones on Mac - noone there to help them with their computer environment.

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    I am a 17" user as well. 15" is too small. I am a creative professional and need the real estate. I love my 17" as it has everything I need to do the work I need to do anywhere. And without having to carry around a bunch of peripherals. I am a 17" user BY CHOICE.


    I have supported Apple since the 80s. How HORRIBLE that Apple is screwing a large percentage of creative professionals. The ones that carried them through when no one else cared about their product. Now that the "masses" are embracing Apple, they're kicking us to the curb. Maybe that isn't your intention Apple, but that's what it feels like.


    I've always been able to get what I need with a Mac. That was a fantastic feeling. You've taken that away and created a feeling within me of disdain because I am being forced into something I do not want. Plus, you've not even come out and made an honest statement about the 17". You say nothing. Like what, we aren't noticing because you say nothing? Did you think no one would notice the 17" was gone?


    Some folks have suggested making the 17" without a retina, but upgrade it like the non-retina MBPs. I concur! We want need the real estate.


    And please, since the new retina MBPs don't seem like pro machines, maybe you could change their name to MBC (Mac Book Consumer). Leave the MBP name for the actual pro machines.

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    why are people talking about "inventory and market sales, figures etc etc", who 'really' knows? 


    the REAL reason I 'think' is going on with the 17" macbook pros, is that all the PROsumers are still, happily using them and still tremendously productive with them, they are STILL amazing machines and there has been NO REAL huge/significant updates on the 17" since the introduction of the macbook air (which is Apple's obvious way) of competing with the "ultrabook" reidiculous trend for the teenie-boppies / reality TV market.    JUST BECAUSE Apple hasn't refreshed the 17" macbook pros and just gone to focus more on the trends, doesn't mean that less people are buying them, it just means Apple is methodically shifting their business towards more 'trendy gadget (look we can do better)' market for the mass, over consumers, who want to chase after the next thinner, lighter and shinier toy that Apple releases.


    mind you, Apple designs gorgeous machines HANDS DOWN, period.  Apple is the CHANEL of the computing trends.   so for Apple to just blatantly and brush off or brush under the 17" macbook pros without even an official mention is total disrespect to the loyal 17" macbook PROSUMERS around the globe!!!!    like what??  so the macbook pro family was always 13, 15 & 17, you'd think no one would notice or CARE?  that is a real low blow I think.  oooooooh so there is 'retina' display for a smaller 15 inch mbp, woopy-*******-ding-dong, 15 inches is like WHAT'S the POINT?!  It makes total SENSE for there to be an iPad, a 13 inch macbook air and a 17 inch macbook pro, all the other 'stuff' in between what I mentioned is totally a waste of time and money PERIOD as far as mobility goes.


    one last thing:

    a THINNER more POWERFUL 17"macbook pro would have been HEAVEN

    if they really wanted the darn retina display

    just plop it onto the 13inch macbook air for crying out loud!  15inch is to me so ........ how should I put it sooo.........   indecisive?!  cos it's like 2 inches larger than 13 and 2 inches smaller than 17, to me it should just GO!!!!   


    what do you want, 10?  13?   17?   easy!

    now there are 2 sizes of ifones, 2 sizes of ifads, 2 sizes of airs and 2 insignificant sizes of 'so called' pros ***?!


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    Yeah here here!!!   They should just call it the "current macbook" CMB and definitly remove the PRO cos that retina 15" macbook is just a fancy dancy gadget, i would buy it if it was a touch screen and vibrates when the door bell rings!  I am a HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE - world music recording artist on my 2007 17 inch MacBook PRO ra ra ra !!! !!!  I held out THIS LONG hoping and dreaming of a totally awesome refresh of the 2012 17 inch MacBook PRO gosh darn it!  Grrrrrrrrrr!


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