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  • flyzxs Level 1 (0 points)

    I am really need the 17 inch macbook pro !!!!

  • Oscar Macmillan Level 1 (5 points)

    Well unfortunately Apple do not supply any 17" macbook pro's anymore, you could tell Apple that you want it at but I think you should just by a second monitor.

  • Gavin Olukoju Level 1 (0 points)

    A second monitor may be ok for some, but its impractical for us that work on multiple client sites where its not always practical to carry around an extra monitor alongside the laptop. Even if it is on occasion not all clients will give you the space to set up a laptop & extra monitor. Furthermore whats the point of making a laptop so small that its impractical to 'work' on? 15.4 laptops have their place, but are not as well suited to tasks a 17" would be used for.


    Anyone who needs a 17 inch macbook pro should make apple aware by leaving a message at their feedback site


  • Bevi Level 1 (0 points)

    My business, too, needs 17" MacBook Pros. Similar reasons: as trainers and onsite contractors, we need to work wherever we can schlep a laptop to.


    The 15" Retina is totally unworkable for us (I thought I would go blind when I tested one for a day). Schelping extra monitors to a client's facility is not do-able!


    I posted my company's requirements at the Apple website. Let's hope they hear from enough of us. Otherwise we'll have to switch back to Windows 17" laptops and that makes me very very sad!

  • Lorenzo Schoovaerts Level 1 (5 points)

    I just found out here there will be no 17". That is truly disappointing. As a software dev I too need a 17". In fact all the devs I know - and that are some - many have moved away from windows platform and went on a Mac. a 17" Macbook Pro that is. So forgive me when I say I do not believe Apple when they say only 2% of their clients was on a 17". My practical experience prooves very different.


    I will not buy a 15" Macbook Pro. It is too small for development. As a result I will have no other choice than to revert back to windows which I hate totally! And for that, dear Apple you make me kinda hate you to, a little.



    Please guys we DO need a 17"!


    Bring it on.


    Kind regards

  • DevZone Level 1 (0 points)

    Tim Cook - is Stupid Idiot!,

    MacBook 17 without Retina


    Back to the Future

  • Bevi Level 1 (0 points)

    Tim Cook - is Stupid Idiot!,

    MacBook 17 without Retina

    I think he and his bean-counters made a dumb decision. As a former hardware and software dealer, I think they looked at the profit numbers/sales of units and decided to drop the 17" MBP.


    Let's face it: when compared to 2 million iPhone 5s presold in a couple of days, the sales numbers for 17" MBP aren't even a pimple on Apple's spreadsheet!


    What Apple didn't look at was the dedicated, loyal customer segment (us!) that can't go elsewhere for their computer. I found it very odd when the first ads appeared for the 15" Retina that showed a photographer or videographer at work on the micro screen. That might be a clue: they know they just sacrified us professional media developers (photographers, vidiographers, web developers, designers, artists, etc.) and are going for volume sales from cheaper MBP models sold to the masses.


    I told Apple that I'd be willing to pay more for a 17" MBP: it's worth it for me. Please please please do not make me go back to digital media on Windows!!! We do it now sometimes to meet client requirements, but that's not where I want to create media by choice, that's for sure! And non-Apple hardware fails so frequently. What a black hole for my hardward investment.


    It's cheaper in the long run for my company to pay more for a Mac and keep it running, then to purchase lower-cost Windows machines. Apple's hardware is the best. And we even run Windows on ours a good deal of the time...Win7 runs faster on a Mac than on our dedicated Windows systems.

  • veepro Level 1 (0 points)

    I feel very at home here thank you everyone, I am glad i am not 'alone' with how i truly feel about the 17" MacBook PRO.  the retina is just a macbook.  It is revolutionary and all that jazz but at the end of the day it is just a really powerful macbook air with bulk.   They should have packed all that power into a new refreshed 17" and I don't care for a retina display beause retina display is best for the 'eyefad' toy in my lowly opinion.  I don't care for toys and trendy things.  When I spend cash I mean to spend it, I don't have time nor can I afford to just waste money any new thing.  My '07 17" macbook pro is still in GREAT working condition and I am still very productive as a full time independent recording artist.  I don't care about market trends and what causes companies to make what decisions, because at the end of the day, it is my cash and my buying power, so if you want to weed me (or a product I depend out) out, or force me to buy something 'new' you released - which I consider is a toy - NEVER, that is my buying power.  I'd rather spend my money elsewhere or save it.  When I got the 17" macbook pro, I decided to get 2, one for my sister as well! 


    When I go out for coffee, or travel, the only people with the retina macbook toys were young men playing angry feathers or what ever that stupid game is?!  All the professionals were on PCs or 17 inch macbook pros, some are pretty beat up systems and well loved!  I fly 1st class with my 17 inch macbook pro, these are the sort of things you do when you spend money wisely.  I'm serious about my work and very serious when it comes to the RIGHT tools to get the jobs done.


    I have given them my feedback and dissapointment and requesting a formal explanation or some indication that the PROSumers have not been totally denied.



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    To anyone......what about a 17" iPad Pro with a docking keyboard.......more of an all-in-one, something like the new Sony Tap20.......


    How can Apple eliminate themselves from this market when everyone else seems to be jumping in with some version of a large screen unit to fill the gap between a 'small' (15" or less) and a dektop machine.....where is the logic in the path they have selected, or more to the point, neglected.


    Come on out this gropu of PROs that want to keep their loayal standing and support.

  • DevZone Level 1 (0 points)


  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,501 points)



    Now glue four of those together along the edges, and find a way to run MacOS X on them...

  • JPSilver Level 1 (0 points)

    Wether you are a Pro photographer/videographer or a Developer or just want the extra screen real estate, why would Apple just turn away from some of the most ardent Apple supporters? This group also is the base who buys the high-end Apple software like Aperture and Final Cut Pro.


    And why on announcement day did the old 17 inchers just vanish from the Mac store. They could NOT have sold out on the previous day? I would have gladly updated my old one with a new Quad I7.  Now all the outlets sites have are low configuration units.


    I hope this does not drive me back to Windows!

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,501 points)

    the latest (pre-Retina) 17" MacBook Pro is still plentiful at this unexpected web site, at a discount:


  • pc2k5 Level 1 (0 points)

    MY RESPONSE to TWO (2%) of SALES!!!!


    To Apple Management and Marketing:


    First off the 17" MacBook Pro is EXPENSIVE. Almost twice as much as other 17" laptops that offer 2 hard drives and a whole bunch of ports and memory.



    Make it far more UPGRADEABLE so it's becomes AFFORDABLE in STAGES.

    By forcing customers for fork over $2800 to $3500 on initial buy, you make it impossible for those professionals getting started in a business to purchase one or even justify purchasing one. (And by the way Apple Marketing, no business professional is going to spend that much and NOT get full AppleCare 3+ years so when you look at the lowest cost of the 17" always add in $400 for Apple Care. If you don't, the 17" will always remain less than 2% of sales. A business cannot afford to be down a single day.)


    Also offering cheap hard drives is a non-starter for professionals. Reliable and Performance is required if a professional is going to carry their business and lively hood on the laptop. SSD's, Large 7500rpm or Large 7500rpm hybrid hard drives should be standard. Offering 5400rpm for someone a professional would buy is like saying,


    "Hey, buy the bare bones 17" so you can use for your 1st contract job and they you will have enough money from that 1st contract job to 'THROW AWAY" that 5400 hard drive you spent with Apple."


    Same can be said for the RAM size as well. Get 4GB RAM for only for the 1st contract job and than have enough money to to THROW away the 4GB for 8GB RAM...where is the "business thinking" here? And by the way, businesses and professionals don't have all that must free time to list that drive or 4GB RAM on eBay.


    Will Apple Marketing ever figure out that those 2% customers (a.k.a businesses or professionals) that use the 17" MacBook have "financial budgets" like any other business? (e.g. Just like Steve Jobs needed years to figure out that Apple's independent software developers and creatives are professionals that need to make a living with PAID apps on the iPhone and iPad)


    The 17" MacBook Pro is and should be the TOP of LINE in technology for Apple and that should also mean UPGRADEABILITY, VERSALITY (and CONNECTIVITY to PC Hardware) as well.


    Apple Marketing doesn't realize that buyers of the 17" don't need to carry it around all day and hence didn't buy it for it being the thinnest, lightest or coolest like those customers of the MacAir or 13".


    If the 17" has to be a little bigger, thicker to add extra ports, hard drives, DVD, bigger battery to DOUBLE, TRIPLE SALES from 2%, 4%, 6% or even 10% of sales, then do it!


    Before you discontinued the 17" there is not much differentiation or business justification to purchase a 17" over a 15".


    If Apple and Apple Marketing can realize that the 17" buyer can have very different needs than the 15" or 13" buyer and can design the 17" to lean toward "business" as opposed to "consumer", AND lean toward "function as opposed to "form" it might get more than 2% of sales.


    The words "17 inch" and "MacPro" (as opposed to iMac, 13", and MacAir) mean BUSINESS.


    Apple can call itself a consumer company all it wants, but at the end of the day, those consumers (as opposed to businesses) needed "Apps" that were built and designed by "businesses", i.e. professionals that need "professional" tools in both sofware and hardware, not consumer grade tools.


    But before you do any of the above, I would say that Apple and Apple Marketing needs to look at the BIG PICTURE and realize the entire "eco-system" of consumer and business, and the entire "eco-system" of form and function. Businesses and professionals don't like to hear one thing from Apple one year and then have Apple change their mind the next year or the next.

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