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I have an old CanoScan LIDE N670U scanner which worked fine on a G5 iMac in Tiger (through Photoshop 7). I now have Leopard on a G4 Powerbook and cannot get the scanner to work through Photoshop CS. This is what I've tried :


  1. Downloaded the CanoScan Toolbox for Mac OS X - this launches VISE which begins the installation then tells me it has failed because "You do not have enough access privileges". I'm doing this in my admin account! Same thing happened after restarting Mac and redownloading the software.
  2. Downloaded the CanoScan driver for Mac OS X (the latest version - 7.0.1) which extracted to a folder of plugins etc, and an installer. Running the installer produced two error messages (regarding a .shlb file and a Button Manager) but completed and has installed the driver into Photoshop CS > Plugins > Import / Export.
  3. When I run Photoshop CS, the CanoScan appears to be there in the Import menu, but when I select it I get an error message saying the necessary file is missing or damaged, please reinstall driver, driver window will be closed. I've tried all this a few times with the same result each time.


I urgently need to get some scanning done this weekend, please help!


Extra info - I found a backup of the CanoScan Toolbox 4.1 which I copied over into my Applications folder. The original installer log says there should also be a file Macintosh HD:Library:CFMSupport:pafcv2_carb.lib which unfortunately I cannot replicate without doing the installation (see above). However I'm still getting the same error in Photoshop. And launching the Toolbox doesn't help either - the interface is there but it won't select any program to link to. The driver in the Toolbox appears to be exactly the same as the driver I downloaded separately and installed into Photoshop CS.


It's a huge mess and I'm VERY frustrated. I HAVE to get this scanning done urgently - please help!! 

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G4, 1.67GHz, 1GB RAM, 250GB HD
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    Unfortunately with such an old Mac, and most of the drivers being focussed on Intel Macs, your chances of finding an older driver are much slimmer than before.  See my FAQ*:


    For some possible solutions.


    My Canon MX 700 has been a great multifunction printer/scanner that has worked since PowerPC days via the Image Capture application.

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    I don't see it exactly on the list of supported Scanners in VueScan, but other LiDE Canon scanners are, so I'd give the free basic version a try...






    Version 8.5 or 8.6 I think.

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    Thanks for that BD - I've downloaded VueScan (actually version 9, accessed via my scanner in their list) and yes it works with my scanner! Unfortunately, the scan appears with watermarks all over it, rendering it useless. It may be free, and it may work, but I can't use it unless I stump up the full price! I actually don't do enough scanning to make it worth paying for, but I do need it this weekend. If VueScan had a free trial period, that would solve my problem.


    a brody - I had the scanner working last year on a G5 iMac, after I got Leopard on it. This was by downloading the driver from Canon's website and installing into Photoshop CS, same as I just tried on this still very capable G4 PB. So it really ought to work. But I will have a look at that list of possible solutions you posted a link for - thanks for that.

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    I tried absolutely everything with that SANE backends installation. I have downloaded the TWAIN backend which at installation told me I needed the SANE package first. So I found my way to that,and downloaded the right version. The installation told me I had to have the SANE backend package installed and libusb. So I found those. I managed to install the libusb ok, but each time I try to install the SANE backend, the initial check says it cannot be installed on my computer - I need the "MAC OS X 10.5 SDK package" first. Yet I have downloaded all the relevant SDK packages on the SANE site, so I really don't know what to do next. I'm going to have give up on that solution.

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    Did you download the Basic/Free version?


    I also thought the Trial period was as long as you needed!?


    What is your Warranty and Return Policy?

    You get to use VueScan for as long as you want before you buy it, so we recommend you test it before you buy it to make sure it meets your needs.

    All sales are final and there are no refunds.


    Isn't this a bit harsh? Naah I actually prefer to solve problems, and if I offer refunds, people give up too easily. If I can't solve your problem after you send a few Problem Reports (see above), I'm happy to give a refund.


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    BD, I didn't see a free version. You click on your scanner and it takes you to a page with a download button, which is for the normal version. You can use it, i.e. do a Preview for each scan, but the scan itself is watermarked.


    I suppose I could do previews, then take screenprints of the previews - which means I can only have what fits in their preview window, but I guess that's better than nothing.


    I'll have another look at their site tomorrow, but I didn't see a free version.


    Edit : there's a free mobile app, but not for the main computer app it seems.

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    Maaybe called Basic version intead of Pro.


    BTW, been using it a good 10 years, one of the best SW investments ever... as Apple breaks scanning at every turn, & manufacturers may never catch up before the next great OSX version that does nothing useful.

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    The download is free, and is Basic (you get the Advanced version with bells and whistles when you pay), but even so it is all watermarked. Version 9.


    You must have an earlier version BD, which is not watermarked. Unfortunately it's no longer available. I'd sound you out about getting hold of a copy of the version you have, but it's probably illegal even to suggest it in these forums.

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    BDAqua wrote:



    ... as Apple breaks scanning at every turn, & manufacturers may never catch up before the next great OSX version that does nothing useful.


    I know exactly what you mean. IMO the great versions of the OS have been :

    • OS 9 - on the G3
    • OS X Tiger - on PPC Macs
    • OS X Snow Leopard - on Intel Macs


    Instead of merging the Mac with iOS I think Apple should make the iPad more powerful and merge it towards the Mac so it can run proper grown-up apps.

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    Absolutely agree, I cringe every time I read about the great advantages of merging handheld OSes & Desktop OSes, what a joke, limiting Computers to what a phone can do... no thanks, & I predict it'll be the death of Desktop computers within 5 years.

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    Oh God I hope not Though what would be really cool is if they eventually replaced the current iMac line with a giant iPad (21.5" Retina display) that would not only run serious software like Adobe CS, Aperture, FileMaker Pro, Logic, Final Cut, etc, but would act as a flat screen TV; would sense when it's at a 45º angle or flatter and have touch screen options, but would lose them when it's more vertical, or on its stand; would contain its own broadband router with 3G option; could be swivelled through portrait or landscape modes with its own built-in accelerometer. That would be a wonderful thing. And if it did all that, I'd be perfectly content with a sophisticated version of iOS on it. H*ll, they could even call it OS XI.

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    Well, practice doing everything in 3-D Gestures as you dance around in front of a Screen, & the fact you'll need an implant to login & see the screen... no inviting friends over to watch TV, they're losing too much potential income when 2 people watch the same screen for the price of one!


    You won't be able to use any application without paying by the nanosecond, & you'll have to pay by the picobyte for storing your data the only place it can be... online!