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I just purchased a refurbished MacAir 11. core i7 (2011) (from the official Mac on-line store).


Will this new Mac Air come with Lion installed ? Or do I need to purchase this ?  Or does Snow Leopard come with it ?


Migration questions.


I have in my IMac (OS X 10.6.8)  desktop now (I think I am running now on Snow Leopord, not Lion)


Microsoft Office for Mac - 2008

IWorks (2008)

Aperture 3



Can I migrate these 3 applications (see list above) from my IMac to MacAir ? 


I have the Mac External drive for CD/DVDs, for dowloading to the MacAir.


Many thanks for your response. I really appreciate it.  



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    Look at the information provided in the refurb listing for it. It should indicate what version of OS X is pre-installed.


    You can migrate those titles. However, I would suggest you simply reinstall them.

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    Many thanks Kappy.


    I have not yet received the actual refurbhished MacAir book but I looked at the specs (from the Mac refurbished store on the official Mac site, for my model) ... and I could not find what version of OS X was pre-installed.


    I have the cd-installation discs for those programs but I am not sure if I bought a single-installation pack (probably) or the family pack (multiple installations).


    If I bought a single-installation, then will it be possible to migrate these programs from my I Mac (where they are now) to my new Mac Air ?   This would obviously save me the need of purchasing new software.

    Any ideas about this would be most appreciated. 


    Thanks.   Don

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    That would be a good sign that Lion will come installed on it. However, when the model was released it came with a special version of Snow Leopard. But I think Apple's policy for refurbs is to provide the current version of OS X, so I can't tell you definitively what you will find when it arrives. It may have Snow Leopard installed and come with the USB flash drive that came with the new 11" MBAs that came originally with Snow Leopard.