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I performed a fresh install of OSX with my Snow Leopard upgrade disc, and now I'm missing iLife. I don't have a copy of the OSX version that came with my Macbook Pro. Is there a way for me to retreive iLife without having to shell out more cash? I would think I could request a copy of my original OS from Apple, as I've done in the past with other companies.

OSX and iLife, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You should be able to request the original discs from Apple. But there will be a fee.  Next time keep better track of your discs.

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    The iLife installer is on the original installer discs that came with your computer. The installer is in the Optional Software folder of Disc One.

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    Thanks for the curt response, brody, but I didn't receive an install disc with my MBP to begin with.


    You might think that's unheard of but it's not the first time it's happened to me with more than one computer retailer.


    How can I contact Apple to request the original disc? I've tried reaching Apple support, but I can't talk to them over the phone until I purchase a service request. Is that the fee you're referring to?

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    Apple Store Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775 or visit online Help for more information.

    To contact product and tech support visit online support site.

    You can purchase replacement discs if you don't have them.

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    And if I never received the discs to begin with - am I still going to be charged for anything other than shipping? I've dealt with this same problem with Acer and Dell and both retailers provided the install discs they failed to provide the first time around -well- beyond their computers' service warranties. I would think Apple provides the same, if not better service.


    Unless, of course, the discs weren't supposed to come with my MBP to begin with. That would be different. If the discs were supposed to come with my computer and didn't, the fault lies with Apple, and I would naturally refuse to purchase any "replacement" discs - nothing to replace if I never received any to begin with. That notion is ridiculous to me.

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    If you purchased it from Apple recently then they most likely will replace them at no cost, especially if it's still in warranty.


    Insofar as I know nothing of your purchase nor what model you have nor when it was purchased, I simply can't tell you what will happen. But you would still need to contact Apple Customer Service to resolve your problem of missing discs.


    Note that if you purchased the computer used from a third-party, then you will have to purchase the replacement discs.

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    Thank you, Kappy.


    I just got off the phone someone from retail who spoke to someone from tech support. They're sending me the install discs at a discounted price. I was ready to make a big stink, but $17 seems reasonable given the circumstances - that is, my MBP is out of warranty, is almost six years old, and Apple has no way of verifying whether or not I received the install discs. Taking all of that into consideration, anything under twenty dollars seems fair to me.


    Thank you all for your help.

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    Just an FYI, Apple stopped distributing installer discs with their Macs last July 20, and it is up to the user to make sufficient backups in case the hard drive dies for those newer machines that were refreshed as new on or after that date.  Thankfully you are not in that position.  All the more reason to backup your data religiously.

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    A lot of people who "never received the installer discs" never looked in the little white box containing the setup manual and warranty information. With the discs tucked in next to them.

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    flacjaket wrote:


    I performed a fresh install of OSX with my Snow Leopard upgrade disc, and now I'm missing iLife.


    You upgraded from 10.5 to 10.6 previously, the 10.5 iLife was carried over.


    The 10.6.3 retail disk has no free iLife on it, but you can extract iLife from the 10.5 machine specific disks that came with the machine with the Pacifist program from CharlesSoft.



    Is there a way for me to retreive iLife without having to shell out more cash?


    You didn't need to pay squat, you already own iLife already on the 10.5 disks that came with the machine.


    If you didn't have the orginal 10.5 machine specific disks or they were lost or damaged, then your fine now getting them for $17.



    Too bad I didn't see your post earlier.