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A newbie question here.  I am beginning to research MDM servers to manage both iPhones and iPads.  It is looking like I will have to manage at least 100 deveices, and this number will most likely grow over time to potentially double within 18 months.  What are the key feature/functions that I should be looking for and in your oppinion, how do these rate (1-10) to each other as a matter of solution importance.


The sever platform has yet to be decided, based off of the solutions presented.  So either Xserver/10.7.4, or Win 2008 R2 will be considered.  Is there any advantage to choose one server platform over the other?


Performance, ease of profile management, and local/remote usage are currently identified functional areas that we would like to rate.  What other areas should we also consider?


If anyone has implemented this solution, what are your lessons learned that you can pass along to someone.


Many Thanks!!!



iPad, Mac OS X (10.7.4)