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I have a very annoying problem that I know many others are having but now one has seemed to have found a solution to it.



I have 3 Apple TV's disbursed throughout my home.  Each of these ATV2's are connected to my primary Netgear Wireless N network and are set to have static IP addresses.  I often play content on my iPhone and airplay it to anyone of these 3 ATV's.  This works fine so long as my iPhone is connected to the primary Wireless N network.


Recently I noticed that in certain areas of the house I was having trouble connecting to my home network with my iPhone due to poor signal quality.  To combat this I decided to purchase a Wireless Extender/Repeater by Amped Wireless, which received great reviews.  I installed the Wireless Repeater without a hitch and every wireless device on my network (whether it be connected to my primary wireless network or my extended network) works perfectly with the exception of AirPlay on my iPhone and my ATV's.


As far as I know in order to use AirPlay, the AirPlay devices should exist on the same subnet, which they do.  Yet if I have my ATV's on the primary wireless network and my iPhone on the extended my iPhone can not see the ATV's.  If I have my iPhone connect to the primary wireless network it can find and connect to the ATV's via AirPlay just fine.  This is brutal!  My main reason for getting the extended was so that I could extend my range and ability to push music from my iPhone via AirPlay to my ATV's.  As it turns out it doesn't work at all!


Anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work?  I would love to find an actual Apple response to this problem somewhere but haven't been able to find anything on this despite the fact that I have found many users who are having the exact same problem.


Any and all help is appreciated!


By the way, did I mention that having to pay to communicate with an Apple rep for this type of support is a joke? 

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    I too have the same issue. I haven't had time to fix it yet, but just thought I'd let you know that I spoke to the apple help desk today. They said it is really easy to fix. All you need to do is make the wireless extender 'share a single IP address' with your router.


    How to do this differs with each wireless extender, so best to either look through the configurations settings or contact the manufacturer.


    Hope this helps.

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    I to have the same problem. Using one TP-link configured as access point and one configured as repeater.

    And when connected to repeater i lose contact with Apple TV.
    This must be known issu for knowledge people within apple?


    I don't understand the proposed solution sharing the same IP-adress with your router, repeaters work on layer-2 (MAC-layer) the don't route traffic.


    Would be nice if someone experienced knowledged person from Apple had more information.

    • Is this a general client to client problem when using repeaters.
    • A Bonjour protocol problem.
    • An Apple TV hardware&software problem.


    Br, Mats

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    Got an update from TP-link (wa801nv1_en_3_12_16), uppdated Apple TV and now it's working!!

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    I am having exactly the same problem. I tried 3 different repeaters, but none of them really worked with Airplay. It also depends if the Airplay devices connect to the router or to the repeater instead. If both speaker and iphone is connected to the repeater i can indeed stream through airplay, although sometimes i won't hear anything. But if my iphone is connected to the router and the speaker to the repeater, the speaker won't appear as airplay-device.


    I am not sure if the router is to blame, or the repeater. My router is a Linksys E4200 and i tried the following repeaters: Linksys RE1000, Huawei WS320, D-Link DIR-505, neither of them really worked. With the Huawei i could at least apply a MAC-filter so the airplay-speakers won't connect to the repeater and always remain connected to the router.

    The problem is, that the speakers just see one single network and connect automatically to the one with stronger signal which could be either the repeater or the router depending on placement etc.


    Any fix for this? Do i have to upgrade all my Wifi-gear to Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express configured as repeater. Will it finally work like this?

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    I think I found a "cheap" repeater that also works with Airplay. I have a Netgear WN2000RPT that i hardly used anymore because it usually creates an own network, but this time i tried to configure it with the same SSID as the original network and everything seems to work fine, although netgear recommends to use a unique SSID for the extended network. but with both networks sharing the same SSID the iphone automatically switches to the one or the other depending on network strenght while it didn't when both networks were named differently.


    Yesterday I was playing around a little bit with the WN2000RPT and it seems as all Airplay devices are visible even if i am connected to the extended network. There were some streaming issues though as the network between the repeater and my router was rather weak, but i will reposition it and try again today evening.

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    I had similar set of problems. I had WIFI coverage issues at my home. My main wireless router was belkin - coverage was very weak in some areas of house - where my apple TV was located and other parts of my living room. I tried various stuff to get over the problem - going for a better router, adding wireless extender in my living room to extend the range, used powerline adapter to create separate SSID for living and using a seperate SSID in living room etc etc..Tried with top of the line Netgear devices..


    None of them solved my problems, video quality wasn't very good on living room, wireless airplay doesn't work very well with wireless range extenders. Was getting very frustrated.


    Moving to apple products solved all my problems:

    - replaced my main belkin router with Airport Extreme.

    - placed Airport Express in my living room and connected Apple TV via ethernet port.

    - used Airport Express to extend my existing SSID


    Configuration and setup was very simple and was able to finish in few min (using aiport utility in mac). Now my coverage in my entire house is very good and during roaming, I don't see any issues at all. Airplay from iphone, mac and ipad all are very smooth. I am able to airplay video games from ipad into my TV (via apple TV) without any problems. Airplay of online HD movies from mac, ipad work without any jitter.


    You pay an additional premium for apple products ($149 + $99), but it is worth the price.  In the future I will use the Airport Extreme networking printing, back up (using USB printer, Hard drive). 

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    I had the same issue.


    I fixed it with giving my Airplay-device a fixed IP. No DHCP!

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    Thought I may be able to help everyone out with this...


    I use Apple devices only for starters, and this helps a lot. Basically if the air play is from an Apple made app it works flawlessly over my two repeaters (2 AirPort Express base stations) to play both audio (which the AirPort Express can play through a headphone output, making it an audio air play device/location) and video plays perfectly too, again, only thru Apple apps.


    Now, where I run into problems is with LIVE VIDEO... Examples being my tv app (airplay tv service over local or remote networks) or like the olympics app.


    That said, my problem is like everyone else's, even the live stuff work flawlessly over the master network (2TB AirPort Extreme time capsule), and with live stuff, air play video works sometimes over the repeated areas, but most often there's issues and intermittent connections lost during air play video over the repeated areas.


    If anyone is having problems with air play AUDIO over repeaters, it's my understanding that's because most 3rd party routers don't support the "repeating" of the bonjour protocol. Just buy an Apple router with Apple repeaters and you're good to go, Audio is flawless, even with very weak signal strength at the pushing device.


    Bottom line, I think Apple is closer then any 3rd party hardware to making this service work. In order to do my part I plan to hardwire the repeaters to the master router (pain, I know). I'll let you all know how that goes.

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    And FYI on that previous message from me... I had to butcher the way it was written because I got the "your post has content that is not permitted" for using terms like str3am and w3bcast. Sorry everyone, that's one where I blame apple for trying to protect Hollywood and the music industry. Lame

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    Hollywood doesn't care if you use those terms. The reason they are blocked is due to spammers who come here and litter the forums with messages about upcoming boxing matches, etc.