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I have updated iPhoto recently through Mac App Store, but then I had to reinstall it. I've deleted iPhoto from my computer and now it doesn't show up in Purchases list. When I search for it manually, it says Accept, I click on that and then get an error message stating that it's already in Purchases list, but it isn't there.


I've restarted my MacBook Pro several times but iPhoto just doesn't show up in Purchases list. Any clues on how to fix this?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I had this problem as well, To fix this log into you account info under Store > View my account. Enter the the account info that you orginally accepted you ilife suite under.  On this page there should be a a link that says unhide hidden purchases. this will list your hidden purchases when you click it.  Each of your hidden apps will then have the option of unhiding. Once you unhide your hidden apps they should then appear in purchases. I am still not sure how they get hidden without clicking the x on the install page because i am sure i did not do this.


    I hope this helps.

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    Hello Petrovicpetar,


    Here is a link which will explain all.




    Hope it helps.



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    The problem is, I don't have any hidden purchases and the link you stated does not appear in my Account Information.

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    Same here. I've purchased iPhoto '11 and installed on my MBP. There I have the 9.3 installed. iPhoto was always in my purchased items list.


    yesterday I was setting up a new mac and starting the mac app store there was an error message after signing in like "this object is not available any more". As it did not state which app was concerned I went to my purchase list and started downloading my purchased apps and i figured out, that iPhoto was missing.


    I checked the mac app store on my MBP and same there: iPhoto was missing.


    I'll check the hidden items later, but I'm pretty sure that I did not hide iPhoto from the list.

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    Hi Petrovicpetar,


    And of course, the two factors go together.    If you don't have any hidden Apps then you will not see a reference to 'hidden Apps' on your account screen.    It would not be unreasonable to imagine Apple would have listed the term Hidden Apps and followed it with a zero - but I suspect that is too logical.   Incidentally, it was me that sent you the link.


    None of this explains why your iPhoto is still missing.   Might be worth reinstalling it again.

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    oh my god thankyou so much i got my iphoto back i am so happy now