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Hi All


I'm loving photostream and getting all my pics into my library, however at the end of the month I'm left with a folder full of pics which I like to split into events by date.


My question is... Is there any way to get the photostream folder to split into smaller folders by day automatically or faster than doing it manually?  (i.e. June photostream folder into June 1, June 2, June 3, etc.)


This would save me a good hour a week, so any help appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

Macbook 2.16 2GB, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Photostream is Photostream.  You can't split it.


    However, if you choose the "Automatic Import" option in PhotoStream, the photos will be downloaded and automatically copied to Projects (these are local projects, on your Mac, not in Photostream), that are month-by-month.

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    William writes:


    "Photostream is Photostream.  You can't split it."


    That is incorrect.


    You can in fact split Photo Stream events -- but it appears it can only be done from within iPhoto, not Aperture. While not convenient, this is not a problem because Aperture (3.3) and iPhoto (9.3) can open and manipulate the same libraries. (Apple's official documentation is here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5043)


    If your Aperture and iPhoto apps have separate libraries (as would be expected, unless you've already "unified" them), you can temporarily open your Aperture library in iPhoto, split the Photo Stream events there, then point iPhoto back to its own library.


    - Quit Aperture.


    - Open iPhoto, and from the File menu, select Switch to Library to open your Aperture library or whichever library contains the Photo Stream Event(s) you wish to split. (See Apple's support pages, which I've linked above, for details on sharing libraries between iPhoto and Aperture.)


    - Check your iPhoto preferences' General tab for "Autosplit into Events." Select the setting you want, and close the Preferenes window.


    - In the main iPhoto window, with Events selected at the left, select the Photo Stream event (or events) you'd like to split (e.g., "Aug 2012 Photo Stream").


    - Finally, from iPhoto's Events menu, select "Autosplit Selected Events."




    Quit iPhoto, then reopen the Aperture library from within Aperture. Your newly split events should now appears as (newly split) projects within Aperture.



    NOTE: As far as I can tell, there's no "Autosplit" command in Aperture, which is unfortunate. Hence, this cumbersome workaround. If I'm mistaken, I invite the correction, as it'd be far more convenient to be able to do this directly within Aperture. Hopefully Apple will realize (or has realized) this omission and will correct it in a future Aperture update.

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    Any updates on the new version of Aperture re: auto split?

  • Sathers Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Resolved this by using an AppleScript from http://www.apertureexpert.com called 'split by date'.  Quite simply it splits any projects into new by day.  Works a treat and was easy to set up.