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I just bought the new MacBook pro and after the first three days with it I am having trouble getting comfortable because of a lack of one feature. On my external track pad i can tap twice with my finger to initiated a selection. Works great when I need to select and scroll down a page. But amazing when i am using photoshop selection tools. In the Macbook pro I can use three fingers to select if I adjust other settings to four finger gestures. But this doesn;t scroll the page nor does it work effectively with photoshop selection tools. After a visit to one of my local Apple stores I was told I was crazy and all TrackPads worked exactly the same. (in a nicer way of course). Very bothered by waisting an hour at the mall with no result I went back to work. But returning home tonight I double checked to find that my external track pad in fact does work differently than the macbook pro. And even after adjusting the other gestures to be three finger gestures it did not help. Anybody know how to resolve this issue?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4), external trackpad