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I just got off the phone with ATT and they told me that Apple has not provided the unlock codes for the 3GS iPhone.


Is this accurate? This phone was replaced 2 years ago with my iPhone 4, so well out of contract. My understanding was that ATT is supposed to be able to unlock any iPhone out of contract. Is this a stall to keep me from unlocking, or is this for real, Apple has not released the unlock codes for the iPhone 3GS?

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,385 points)

    The person you spoke with at AT&T is wrong.


    Only the carrier an iPhone was sold as carrier locked with can officially unlock the iPhone, or send the unlock request to Apple on the owner's behalf. Apple cannot and will not unlock the iPhone unless they receive a request from AT&T to do so.

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    Sure enough ... this time I did an online chat and they unlocked right away. Unbelievable!

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    Hello, Thank you for your help on this topic. I too called AT&T to have my iphone 3gs unlocked. I gave the customers service rep my social, imei, model, city, and my name. she said although the contract had be fullfilled two years ago and that I do not owe them anything the name on the account does match my name. This was bought as a gift for me so i have no idea what account info she has or why the info that I gave her wasnt enough.  I did not save my e-statments from two years ago that have my account number on them. What should I do?

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    Are you currently an ATT customer? If not, that may be part of their reluctance to assist you. From what I've read they are not exactly happy to be doing this, especially if you are not a customer. However, if your EMEI number is clear, I would suggest you try an online chat, which seemd to work for me. They asked how I came to have the phone and I told them it was a gift from a friend who upgraded to an iPhone 4, and that was the end of it. In your case, if the chat does not work, I would call back customer service and if they still fail to assist you, ask to speak to a supervisor. If I had taken that step, I probably would not have had to do it twice. The problem is ATT is the "Authority" and if you don't know 100% what you're doing, then they can tell you anything they want and you will have no ammunition to rebut them.