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My computer shot down a couple of times, so I went to have it repaired. The technician needed to reboot the whole system so he save my movies, t.v. shows, apps, music and all on another harddrive. While he was at it I requested to have him installed the new window version Windows 7 Professionnel. Since that awful idea of mine, not only can I not watched or have acces to my movies, t.v. shows, music etc. now the system is telling me there is an incompatibility with windows and Itune, but before this I upgraded Itunes to version 10.06 something, so now the movies that I download work alright they just don't have sound anymore. I can listen and play with my games and all and the sound is fantastic but I soon as I use Itunes, I hear silence and it freezes all the time. I am ****** at Itunes for not being able to help me out, everytime I tried to have contact with a technician I also hear silence, ain't that a kick in the butt. So can anyone out there help me, I have tried many things suggested by people that had the same problem but to no vail, nothing works. I am also wondering about my 300 movies and 400 songs that I have paid for, what will Itunes do to help me out?


Thank you for all your help,


R. S. MoMo

Windows 7