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I got a free version of windows 7 through my university and the download was a .pkg file. Is there anyway to make that work with bootcamp? If it doesn't, how would I turn that .pkg into an installer so I can use bootcamp?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Very strange (a Windows 7 image in a .pkg file?). It's normally an .iso image to burn in a DVD or USB drive

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    Yeah, I downloaded it from whatever website the school gets their softwear from (dreamspark or something) and that is what I received. When I open it, it goes through the regular installation process.

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    Nevermind.. Total noob error on my end. When I downloaded the pkg i assumed it was the OS. I assumed incorrectly. It was just a secure download manager thing that microsoft gave me in order to download the OS.

    Thanks for pointing out how strange that was, made me do a little more investigating.