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I have done (or tried to do) everything listed on the support page to remedy my issue, but nothing's worked.  My computer doesn't acknowledge that my 2nd Gen. iPod Shuffle is docked.  And since this is the case, I can't even restore the thing back to factory.  I'm lost and am ready to pull my hair out.  I believe it may be an issue with my computer, as my Shuffle seems to work on the other computer we have.  But, if that's really the case, I'm not sure how to go about fixing that, either.  Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.




iPod shuffle, Windows XP
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (30,460 points)

    It's not clear if this is something that worked before, and it is no longer working, OR if this iPod shuffle has never been used with this computer before.


    If the shuffle works with a different computer, using the same USB cable, it is probably your computer.  It says "Windows XP" in your profile.  If this is not something you had working before with this computer, does your computer meet the system requirements listed here?




    (where it says "Windows system requirements")

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    Yes, this item used to work on the same computer that it seems no longer compatable with.  I had to reformat my computer several months ago, and it hasn't worked since.  I figure I'm missing key components, but I'm not sure how to replace them.

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    After the reformat, you installed the latest version of iTunes (10.6.3)?




    It says system requirements for Windows is Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later.  The tech specs for the 2nd gen iPod also has the same requirements for Windows.  Does your Windows installation (after the reformat) have all the available updates installed?

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    When I reformatted, yes, I reinstalled the latest version of iTunes at that time.  I updated to the new latest version as of the date of my original post.  Still not working.  As for the updates for Windows, I'm not sure everything is current.  I'm not sure how to check for that.

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    If the latest version of iTunes runs on it, I think your Windows should be updated enough to use with an iPod shuffle 2nd gen.  If it's Windows XP, you can check by going to Control Panels (from the Start button), then going to System.  It should say you have Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3.


    And installing iTunes should install the Apple-provided components needed to use with an iPod.


    Also, I want to confirm what you said earlier, about your shuffle working with other computers, but not your computer.

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    Yes.  It works on the other computer in the house.  When I try to use it on my computer, it gives me three rapid dings, and flashes yellow. 

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    You checked that after reinstalling Windows XP (after the reformat), it was updated to at least Service Pack 2?


    Also, I would try shutting down and disconnecting ALL USB devices (including any USB hub), except for a standard mouse and keyboard.  Then, start it back up.  Run iTunes.  Connect the shuffle to a direct USB port on computer.  I'm thinking maybe there is a USB device conflict between the shuffle and something else that you have connected.


    Since the shuffle works with other computers, it is obviously some problem on your computer...

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    I have the same issue with my wife's iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) runniung Windows 7.  Always used to connect and now it doesn't.  It's as if the driver for iPod Shuffle 2nd gen has been deleted from the OS / iTunes not configured to be backward compatable.  Any further ideas on what's causing this?

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    In your case, does the shuffle work with other computers.  There are a few possibilities for it not connecting, but if it works with another computer (like with the original poster), then the iPod itself is probably OK.  That narrows down possible causes to things related to the computer.