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  • summershomegrown Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah - still no resolution for me either. I find it unbelievable that no one from Apple has even bothered to respond to this thread. NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE APPLE!! Not to mention the guy i spoke to on the phone was a complete *****. Furthermore, I have a VERY hard time believing this credit card "trick". If it is in fact a scam to gain your credit card info (which I am sure it is), the fact that Apple hasn't come on here to warn people boggles my mind!! WOW!

  • KianaDarkrose Level 1 Level 1

    @summershomegrown - well first, I highly doubt you will find someone speaking on behalf of Apple responding to this thread. They don't monitor it. This is a technical support helpsite for the public, not something that Apple constantly looks at.


    Second, I'm sorry you had a bad customer service experience, but that is definitely not the norm (at least in my experience).


    Third, you are more then welcome to your opinions, and I acknowldge that. However, getting debit/credit card info when using the App Store or iTunes Store is not a "scam", it's necessary if you decide to make online purchases. You are prompted when first setting up your account in there so you're not bothered for it later when you're browsing and wanting to buy something. If that's not something you want to do, no one is forcing it on you. Just don't use it then. Simple. If you don't keep that information updated and forget your password and don't remember your security questions, the last 4 digits of that card is something that is commonly asked for in order to verify your account for your own protection and help you to reset that.


    Moral of the story? If you are THAT dissatisfied with these services, you are not forced to use them. If you do, keep your information updated through and through account management in iTunes. If you have a really hard time remembering security questions and login information, WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE.

  • victorybabe Level 1 Level 1

    Well said KianaDarkrose!

  • KianaDarkrose Level 1 Level 1

    *takes a bow*

  • summershomegrown Level 1 Level 1

    This is to @victorybabe, too. Clearly neither one of you read the other posts (regarding the credit card info), because i was NOT referring to entering MY credit card information to buy itunes - as I have done and have NO problem doing. I was referring to the scam artists who posted ON HERE that in order to amend this problem and "reset" your account all you have to do is enter your credit card info and it magically resets the account.


    Secondly, if you know anything about the effects of Social Media and brand monitoring in today's business/customer service then you would know that most companies DO monitor forums that have to do with THEIR products. It's very easy to do. So, YES it does suprise me that no one from Apple has bothered to comment.


    Third, I NEVER created these security questions/answers to begin with - so how can i possibly answer them. This may or may not have been somehting implemented after i set my itunes account - that i cant say. But just to be sure - one of the questions was "what city did my parents meet". I know exactly where they met. It is the city i still live in to this day. When i entered this information - caps, no caps, etc (just in case i some how completely forgot setting up these questions - which is highly unlikely) it said it was incorrect. SO, Kiana, it is not a matter of forgetting the answers - but thanks for screaming the advice of "WRITING IT DOWN".


    There are a few more choice things i could say, regarding not being forced to use these services (uhmm obviousy), but i will save my energy.


    Moral of the story: get your facts straight before you decide to chime in.

    Oh, and p.s. Sorry you took MY posts so personally!

  • miljamin27 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't understand how you can possibly call me a scam artist, for suggesting a way to fix the problem many people in this forum are referring to.

    How would i possibly be seeking to scam? I don't ask for your credit card details. I SUGGEST that you enter it into YOUR IPHONE. Into apples system. I can't possibly see how this could even appear as a scam?


    There has also been numerous people have success with this method. How about YOU stop jumping to conclusions before you chime in.

  • summershomegrown Level 1 Level 1

    I apologize for assuming that it was. With so many scams out there - when i read enter credit card - then delete it a red flag went off. I spoke to apple support asking about this and they told me that it was not a solution and they had not heard of this method - so again red flag. Funny that they dont know that this works. But - you are right - you didnt insert a link to click or anything shady like that where one could access our info - so again I'm sorry - truly. 

  • KianaDarkrose Level 1 Level 1

    @summershomegrown - well thank you for clarifying certain aspects of your earlier post then. No, I did not read all five pages of complaints and comments. I still disagree with you on some things, but you are, of course, welcome to your opinions. That's it in this thread for me. Y'all have a wonderful day.


    P.S. You were ranting earlier mostly about Apple. Since I'm not the company, it's kind of hard to take that "personally". I should have clarified as well at the end of my post. I was not "screaming" the advice, I was using caps as an emphasis.

  • KAMKfromIL Level 1 Level 1

    You can get around having to answer security question to reset your password.  Sign is and under the Name, ID and Email Address add and Alternate Email Address and verify it (this is important).  After is it verified, sign out of your Apple ID and click on "Reset your password" that displays under the "Manage your Apple Id" button.  It will then send an email to your alternate email account to reset your password.  Follow the steps in the email and your done.

  • Mari12 Level 1 Level 1

    This is not working for me /:

  • Bador2020 Level 1 Level 1

    I forgot My apple id security questions answers  

  • CourtneyBennett Level 1 Level 1

    Me too, that's the only reason I'm here is to figure this out lol to much drama!

  • kingmohd Level 1 Level 1

    If you go to


    your problem can be solved easily


    go to manage id

  • BlackOpps1959 Level 1 Level 1

    I do not have a reset button anywhere in the Manage ID section.

  • ERDEWAN U EYAZ Level 1 Level 1

    .        If You Don't Remember your Security Questions, Do This Steps. very easy to unlock yuor account
    A- on the device that is asking you for the security question go to " setting " , > " store " > tap the Apple ID and choose view " Apple ID " and sign in.
    B- Tap on payment informatioon and ADD a Credit / Debit Card of your preference then select " done " , in the upper right corner
    C- sign out and back into iTunes on the device by going to " setting "> store >tap the Apple ID  and choose " sign-out " >  Tap " sign-in " > " use existing  Apple ID " and you should be asked to verify your security  code for the Credit/ debit card  and Not The  SECURITY QUESTIONS.
    D- At this time you can remove the card by going back in to > edit the payment information and Selecting " none " as the card type then saving the changes by selecting " done ". you should now able to use your iTunes store credit without answering the security questions. good luck

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