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Just occurred recently: when I text from my iPhone 4 to my wife's iPhone 4, instead of the name she has stored in her Contacts for me, my personal email address shows where normally the person's name would.  When I turn OFF iMessage on my phone, the text is delivered in green and received in white on her phone.  When I turn ON iMessage on my phone, the text is delivered in blue and received in white on her phone.  It appears that who ever has iMessage ON, it takes a while for the text to be received, even when the phones are right next to each other.


What benefit is there to use iMessage over the regular texting?  What is the difference between SMS and MMS texting?  Rates?

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    You probably should post this question either in the iPhone discussion or the iMessage discussion.

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    iMessages are Apple's own Messaging service.

    The iMessages leave your iPhone (or iPad or Touch or the Messages Beta on a Mac) and go to Server and from there to your Contact.


    SMS goes to your Carrier, through their server and to the Contacts Carrier and then to the contact.


    MultiMedia texting tends to include pics or files where as SMS does not.  (however this does vary carrier to carrier)


    iMessages can also do Group "Chats" and can send pics or some files.


    iMessages can be set up to "Send" from an Apple ID  or from the iPhone Number (See Settings > Messages > Received At > Caller ID)

    Whether your contact shows the Name in their Address Book or the ID or number you sent from will depend on what is on their Card for you.  If "your" card shows only the iPhone Number and you are sending for the Apple ID they will see the Apple ID and not your Name as they are not associated in the Contact List/Address Book.





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