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  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 Level 6

    If they don't reappear on the other devices, then you might also want to check the settings on the desktop and make sure you have the correct settings for IMAP.

  • Nealf Level 1 Level 1
    Photos for Mac



    Did this problem ever get solved?  Let us know what you did.

  • Iain Boyd Level 1 Level 1

    It was some time ago and I can't remember exactly how it resolved, but everything's workingokay now under 10.8.2. I have several e-mail accounts, some POP and some IMAP, bu these days I forward all of them to my address and just pick up mail from there, not least becasue iCloud does a pretty good spam filtering job.

    But I did make a note that reads:

    Log out of iCloud completely; this will delete (optionally) all locally held data on Mac. Signing back in will create everything afresh and overwrite corrupt preferences - if that was the problem. Deleting envelope and other cached settings in Library/Mail didn't seem to do much. Neither did Mail box/rebuild.


    Hope you find a cure...

  • o1sowise Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    This is extremely frustrating.   Emails keep coming back regardless of if I move/delete them via my Mac or iPhone. 


    Most of the times a DELETE or MOVE via webmail stays deleted or moved.


    Recently,  I even have to delete/move some of them on both the iPhone and MAC.




    I find the same thing happening with GMAIL as well as two accounts hosted by GoDaddy, so I'm guessing the problem in on the Apple side.


    Any more clues, pointers or suggestions?

  • georgeporge Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem ongoing for months now. I just tried updating my iphone and it is now in the process of indexing everything and already my startup disk is full after taking it to apple store and wiping it clean. I don't know how to stop it indexing or to undo all that data it is now downloading onto my otherwise clean machine~ urgent help needed!!

  • georgeporge Level 1 Level 1

    Okay so it has finished downloading/updating, i was unable to stop it..... NOW i have 0 disk space and i need to get rid of that whole update that just downloaded to clear space~ someone please help me get rid of all that data that just swamped my computer!!!

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    Are you talking about an iPhone or a Mac computer? In you other post you start off by saying something about an iPhone update and indexing, I guess on the iPhone, and about how you just got back from an Appe store after having it wiped clean, I would guess the iPhone again.


    If this is happening on the iPhone you might be better served posting in the iPhone forum.


    If this is about your Mac then I only have one suggestion. Find some other Email program and use that instead of Mac Mail.


    Good Luck & Best Wishes.

    georgeporge wrote:


    Okay so it has finished downloading/updating, i was unable to stop it..... NOW i have 0 disk space and i need to get rid of that whole update that just downloaded to clear space~ someone please help me get rid of all that data that just swamped my computer!!!

  • georgeporge Level 1 Level 1

    This is my mac air laptop. I plugged in my iphone to download some photos i had taken on it and it asked me if i wanted to update and when i did it went berserk~ i now have 0 disk space on my computer. Is there any way to undo the update? The icloud settings must be adding everything back to the computer that i had cleared at the apple store. How can i fix this?

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    Well updating the phone shouldn't of taken up space on the computers hard drive.


    You could try Easyfind, a free search program that is very good, to search for files create by date to see what was added to the Mac drive on the date you did the phone update. Then at least you can see what was copied to the Mac drive and maybe delete it/them.


    Sorry I don't use an iPhone but I thought Apple had changed the way the iPhones got updated and new phones and or iOS versions did the updates over the airwaves and not through iTunes like the you had to do with older phones and iOS versions.

  • wingsofcindy Level 1 Level 1

    I've been reading everyone's posts in the hope of finding a solution, because I'm having exactly the same problem with my Mail on my MacBook Air OSX 10.8.3.


    I'm not connected to iCloud, so it's not that.  My mail is with Gmail which is an IMAP account.


    I also had a POP account, which I've deleted.  It never caused me a problem, but it was with a carrier who I no longer belong to.


    I tried deleting all of the mail manually, and then it came back with a vengence!  It seems that it has copied itself over and over, and now I have thousands of emails - sent mail, deleted mail, everything!  I want to scream!!!!!


    I'm not terribly computer savvy, so if anyone can help, please talk in very basic terms and don't assume I know where things are.




    Thanks in advance.

  • wingsofcindy Level 1 Level 1

    I just did a google search for my problem - delete mail messages from server for gmail - and I found this information.  I had been deleting from my Apple Mail account, but it says to move to the Gmail Bin/Trash.  I've now done that (almost 800 emails!!!) and it seems to have worked.


    Here's the link for Gmail IMAP account - I guess if you have other accounts you can look up their help.  It had lots of information on why Mail might not be working with different clients, and had the settings to choose for Apple Mail, as well as others.


    I hope this helps.  Phew!  I'm exhausted!  But if this has fixed the problem, then tired but happy would be a better description!


    And in my previous message, I said I wasn't very computer savvy!!!!!!!!!



  • georgeporge Level 1 Level 1

    hi cindy, i am not sure if i have solved this problem or not but i think it may be okay now. I guess i will find out if my next internet bill is over $500 next month again!! I went into settings on my phone and there was a box to tick to prevent uploading of data automatically when synced or something to that effect. I unticked this box and then went to Activity Monitor (find it by typing that into your spotlight or magnifying glass icon in top right corner of your mac) to see my storage capacity. I also deleted 40,000 photos and 98,00+ emails off my computer and off gmail accounts. Now i am back to 180GB free space out of 250GB so i think it is not adding it back automatically any more. Not sure what will happen next time i sync my phone though, i am kind of scared because i don't want to have to do this all over again!!!

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    Cindy it is either a setting in Mac Mail or Mac Mail does not communicate with Gmail properly.


    In the mail program I use, Thunderbird, whenever I delete any Emails in my Gmail account on any of my computers, Mac and PC both using Thunderbird, they are moved to the Trash folder in the Email program and to the Trash folder on the Google Gmail website. Then when I Empty the Trash in my email program those Emails are removed from the Google Gmail system. I can have a web browser open and logged into Gamil and watch it happen.


    For some reason Mac Mail does not do that. I'm not sure if it is a setting in Mac Mail, as I use Mac Mail for about a Day and said there has to be some better Email program and switched to Thunderbird, or that Mac Mail, IMHO, is one of the Worst Email programs ever and it just can't communicate with Gmail.

  • georgeporge Level 1 Level 1

    I am not happy with the macmail program either ~ it seems like such a major drama every time i try to find stuff in my mail program and the attachments often go undetected by me, they are not obvious and easy to get to like they were in my pc outlook express program. What is Thunderbird and how difficult is it to change over to for your email program. I know zero about configuring imaps, pops and all those other things you are talking about. I am on gmail and have my own domain connected to my website but hosted by gmail.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    Thunderbird is written by Mozzila. The same people that make the Firefox Web Browser.


    When I switched over from Windows XP to Windows 7 there was no more Outlook Express and I had to use Windows Live Mail, I think it was called. I didn't really care for it so I tried MS Outlook as I have MS Office in many different versions that all come with Outlook, didn't care that much for Outlook either. So I searched around a little and hit on Thunderbird. Installed in on my Win 7 desktop and liked it. Fairly easy to setup and use. As with everything there is a learning curve to getting use to it, but not much.

    When I bought my Macbook Pro I tried Mac Mail for maybe a day and then downloaded Thunderbird for OS X. Installed it and have been using it on both PC and Mac. I would never go back to Mac Mail.


    There are also many add-ons for TBird. Right now I'm used CompactHeader (Give you the option to show or hide the full header of the emails), Extra Folder Columns (Adds some columns for different things), Folderpane Tools (That allows you to move your email accounts around in the main window. Otherwise they are listed as you add them and I have 7 Email accounts), Get All Mails (Which give you a button to Check all your POP Email accounts at once. You can do that anyway but you have to select the drop down from the standard Get Mail button), Google Contacts (Which syncs all your Google contacts into the TBird address book), Keyconfig (To set shortcut keys differently then the default) and Lightning & Provider for Google Calendar (Only on the Windows install of TBird. That is to sync my Google calendar into TBird. On Mac I use the built in Calendar program).


    I've been using it on Windows for almost 2 years and on my Mac from about the second day I had it, which is about 15 months ago.


    Most setting are already included in the program. You just type in your email address and password and TBird either has the settings or goes out to the server to get the correct settings. The only account I have to set up manually is my companies email account. We use some Fly By Night Hosting company, Name Withheld, and although they do IMAP no email program has or can get all the correct settings for it. Other then that one account all others, well until AT&T started to move away from Yahoo and started up there own Email server service again, are done automatically. Like with Gmail. I type in my gamil email account and all the settings are filled in and they WORK, and have not STOPPED working.


    I have had Zero Problems with Tbird.