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  • wingsofcindy Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, Shootist 007 - I downloaded Thunderbird this morning (Australia).  It looks really different from any other mail application I've used.  I think I'm going to love it, there are so many good features, and it was really easy to set up.


    When I turned on my MacBook this morning and checked Mail, the messages I'd moved to the Gmail Trash/Bin hadn't come back in, thank God.  I wondered why my wi-fi was being used up so quickly!!!!  Hundreds of emails I'd deleted were being uploaded again and again.  Something to do with IMAP.  Which is definitely a problem with the Mac Mail, because you should just be able to Delete, not move everything to the Gmail Trash/Bin folder. Anyway, even though I've solved that problem, I want to check out Thunderbird - maybe just because its icon is so cute!


    GeorgePorge, I hope you solve your Mail problem too - yes, I felt really scared too, because it was so difficult and frustrating finding a solution, and I hoped that Mail would still be free of all the deleted emails this morning... and it was, so, hooray!


    Nothing like a little problem-solving to make you feel alive, though, is there?


    Have a magnificent day

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    Nothing to do with IMAP. The mail program is supposed to communicate with the IMAP servers to get mail and handle mail movement from folder to folder, like moving deleted emails for the inbox to the trash, and to then delete mail that has been moved into the trash and then the trash emptied. It seems Mac Mail has a hard time doing that with Gmail. Not sure how it works with other IMAP servers.


    The whole point behind IMAP mail is to give the user more control over how mail is handled and to allow multiple devices to connect and get the same mail. As with POP once it is downloaded to one device it is removed from the server, unless a setting is made to leave the mail on the server for x period of time.

  • Mssahj Level 1 Level 1

    I started having this issue on my iPhone after adding my seldom-used gmail account in order to use and sync calendar apps.  What I finally figured out was to turn off the setting for mail on my phone and it did the trick.  Since I never use gmail but had associated my other email addresses with that account, all of my mail had just accumulated in the gmail inbox - over 27,000 messages!   They are still in my gmail inbox if I go to check it online (which I never do as I never use that account for mail), but turning off the mail setting for that account did the trick.

  • Geoffram Level 1 Level 1

    This fixed it for me too.  Thanks Mssahj!  A simple fix for a dreadful problem.  It may be worth noting that while you reconfigured accounts and then the problem started, I did nothing to initiate it..  It did coincide with a significant change in the way gmail and apple mail interacted.

  • cody- Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Mssahj. That was really annoying problem. And really simple solution.

  • wreks Level 1 Level 1

    This is the solution that worked for me.


    here is the article text:

    When you use Mail, or another email client, together with a Gmail account you will surely know that clicking on a message and pressing the delete key does remove that message from Inbox folder but leaves a copy of it in the 'All Mail' folder on the Gmail server. Effectively the message has not been deleted. This is the default Gmail behavior.

    While I like using with Gmail I don't like the 'All Mail' folder. Here's how to configure Mail so a deleted message ends up in the Trash folder on the Gmail server.

    In, under Preferences click the Accounts icon. Select your Gmail account. In the Trash section check the box 'Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox' and check the box 'Store deleted messages on the server'. Close the Preferences.

    On the left side where the Mailboxes are located, expand the Gmail folder, and click on the Trash folder. Next, from the menu selectMailbox » Use this Mailbox For » Trash.

    Now messages you delete in will from now on be moved to the Trash folder where you can permanently delete them by selecting them and pressing the Delete button on your keyboard or by enabling the automatically delete after x number days setting in preferences.


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