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I am using OSX Mail and a address, via O2 broadband in the UK. About once a day, Mail, apparenty randomly, reloads dozens of recently read and deleted messages. So, just now for example, I appear to have 68 new messages, and it's all stuff I've dealt with already, some of it is in the InBox and some is filed in other Mailboxes - doesn't seem to make any difference. So now I'm getting duplicates and probably throwing out items I meant to keep.


This is just happening on my desktop iMac and is not replicated on my iPhone or Macbook Air. It feels as if the sync between the iMac and iCloud is somehow corrupting, if that's possible.


This has been going on for a few weeks and so isn't getting better on its own (as I have read in other postings). It also doesn't seem to be linked to any other event. The iMac is on all the time, either in use or asleep, and maybe gets restarted once a week.


I am wary of deleting things from the Library in case I either lose ALL my mail or it decides to replicate every message in the archive.


Anyone else had this problem and found a way to fix it?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 16Gb RAM, SSD + HD
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