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Mac OS X

I've been using the screen name Macaby for a long time now.  Today I can't seem to log on with it anymore.  It's tied to my email account (XXXXXX@msn.com).  Of course, the X's hide my msn name.


When I try to log in with this account, I get to the place where it asks me for my handle.   When I type Macaby in, it says that handle is already taken.


YES, it's taken by me, but I can't seem to break through to log in with it.  I have been able to change my password for the XXXXX@msn.com account.


Any ideas as to how to proceed?

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    Mac OS X

    Re my problem above, my "Macaby" user name is tied to my msn.com account.  However, it is "locked" for some reason that I can't figure out.  When I try to sign in with this account, I get a message that for security reasons, Apple needs to verify my creds by asking me to once again put in my password  to sign in. That ALWAYS results in the page coming depicted below.  The Apple ID, my first name and my last name are correct.


    IF I put "Macaby" in the "Choose your Apple..." Username, I get a popup saying that username is taken.  Yeah, by me. IF I try anyother user name (and to be honest I've only tried a few, like Macaby1), I still get a popup saying that account is already in use.  This time I assume they mean my msn.com account.


    The only way I think I can get back into this Apple Forum account is via an Apple forum tech.  However, I can't find ANY link to describe this problem to Apple tech support, nor any telephone number to request fixing this problem.


    Yes, I know I can start a new User account or use the one I'm using to post this, but I prefer to use my Macaby user name.  Anyone have an idea as to how I can break this log jam?