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Let me start off my saying "thank you" to users MacbookProBono & Barbara Hall for answering my question earlier this month about my iPod's battery life.

Unfortunately, eleven days after buying my iPod it still doesn't seem like it's holding a 14 hour charge. I did everything the iPod battery support website told me to do. Earlier to day I charged my iPod around 4:05 p.m. (after it the bettery ran out while I listening to music) and it was done charging around 6:17 p.m. That's 2 hours and 12 min. of charge time. Why is it charging that fast? I thought it took four hours for it to charge 100%.

Does anyone else have this "problem" with their 5th generation iPod? or am I the only one? Does you think I should go to the Apple store and see what's wrong with the battery? or do you think I'm overreacting?

Oh yeah, I keep the backlight and EQ off. So that can't be the problem.

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