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Bought new iPad 2. Downloaded previously purchased music from my Apple Store acct., no problems. Connected my iPad to my Win 7 Notebook to download the rest of my music. I received the following; The iPad is synced to another Library. I only have one acct. Help!

iPad 2, Windows 7
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    You are confusing an iTunes library with your iTunes account - your iTunes purchases


    The iTunes library is stored on your computer. Your iTunes purchases are stored in the cloud and in iTunes on your computer when you properly set up your iPad and sync with iTunes on your PC.


    Have you ever synced with iTunes and transferred your purchased content into the computer's iTunes?

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    Yes, the music I have purchased over the last few years are in my iTunes Library. I just bought this iPad and when I connected to the internet via the Wi-Fi I decided to download some of the music I purchased from my Apple Account. Now I am trying to sync it with my notebook and I get the aforementioned message. It's the first time I have connected to a computer, so, I don't know why it says that the iPad belongs to another library. Any ideas.

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    chb4th wrote:


    It's the first time I have connected to a computer, so, I don't know why it says that the iPad belongs to another library. Any ideas.

    Yes. That's why iTunes is telling you that it is synced to another iTunes library because you haven't sync the iPad to this iTunes library on this computer. ITunes sees your iPad as new device. It doesn't matter that all of the music from your iTunes store account is in this library. iTunes will see the iPad as a "foreign" device - if you will - because you never synced to this computer.


    In short, you need to - transfer purchases into the iTunes library - backup your iPad - restore from that backup - and then sync with iTunes in order for you to make this iTunes library the iPad's syncing library. Ignore the "new laptop" reference. The OP in the original discussion was using a laptop, that's all. This process applies to a laptop, a desktop computer, a Windows computer or a Mac.


    The following was copied from this thread. This is essentially what you want to accomplish.



    1) Without connecting your iPad to your laptop, start iTunes. Click on Edit. Click on Preferences. Click on Devices. Check the box next to "Prevent your iPod etc. from automatically syncing." Click OK.


    2) Now connect your iPad to your laptop and start iTunes.


    3) When iTunes starts, right click on your iPad under Devices in the left column. Select Transfer purchases etc.


    4) After it finishes transferring all your apps and other purchased content (including music) to your new laptop, right click on your iPad and select Backup your iPad.


    5) After it finishes backing up your iPad, right click on your iPad and select Restore etc.


    6) After it finishes restoring, left click on your iPad , then click on the Apps tab on top, and check the box next to Sync Apps.


    7) Do the same thing in all of the various tabs in iTunes, the Music tab, the Photos tab and so on. Make all of your selections and make sure that all of the headings are checked - Sync Music, Sync Photos, etc.


    8) When you are finished making all of your selections, click on Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes.


    If everything on your iPad looks good after the sync, go back and click on Edit / Preferences / Devices and UN-check the box next to Prevent your iPod etc. The only other thing you may want to check is if your contacts, bookmarks, etc. are syncing correctly now. If not, go to the Info tab after connecting and make sure you indicate which features you want to sync with what sources.

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    Thanks Demo, but I would just like to go on record stating that this is an unimaganiably terrible interface.  I cant believe these are the steps every user has to go through. 


    Apple has really fallen flat on their face with this.

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    Also, for other people that got stuck on this because they're using iTunes 11, youll want to

    1. Enable the menu bar, its hidden by default, and there are lots of extra options you cant see.

    2. Instead of right clicking on the ipad, theres now a screen you can get to that has the options Demo mentioned on it.

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    I wrote my reply in June 2012 long before iTunes 11 came out.


    You can still right click on the iPad name under the devices heading and select backup from there in iTunes 11. There were other ways of doing it in previous versions of iTunes as well.


    You may think this is a terrible interface but this is how you have to do it if you have already downloaded content to your device and you never synced with your computer before and if you did not or could not copy your iTunes library to your new computer from your old one. iTunes just will not recognize the iPad as being the iPad that belongs to this particular iTunes library unless you complete these steps.


    I got a new MacBook for Christmas this year. I set it up from a Time Machine backup of my old MacBook  which copied my iTunes library to the new computer, all that I had to do was authorize the computer and I was ready to go. I didn't have to go through all of this.

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    Yep I realized those instructions were old, they were enough to get me through it though so thanks nonetheless!


    As for the interface, I would think everyone who gets a new iPad would download an app or two before the sync it their computer.  And if thats the case, then everyone has to go through this stupid process.

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    Update: I did all these steps, iTunes tells me 'You must download a software update', I do it, then 'There was an error downloading the update'.  iPad is then COMPLETELY WIPED CLEAN and empty.  All my apps are deleted and gone.  Utter, utter failure on Apple's part.  I am never buying another Apple product again.

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    I have a concern about performing this action and I hope that you can help.


    I am running mobileiron, because this iPad is a company purchase and I am synced with the exchange server.  If I follow the instructions, will it mess up my mobileiron account.  I'm affraid if I do this process that I will lose my exchange server connection and have to completely wipe the iPad and start EVERYTHING from scratch.


    Thanks for your help.

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    I would never suggest that any user perform any actions with a company owned iOS device without the knowledge and consent of the company's IT department, so I suggest that you check with them before you do anything at all with the iPad.


    I know almost nothing about MobileIron except what I have read in a couple of quick Google searches, so I feel even less comfortable about recommending anything in this situation.