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I am trying to update to from v10.6.1.7 to v10.6.3   I open iTunes, click help, click check for updates click download and then nothing happens.  Any suggestions?  Thank yo

Windows 7
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    it does the same to me, I have restarted, ran as administrator, opened the apple update.  nothing works

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    Same for me, it prompted me to download the update, I said ok, and nothing happened.  There must be a glitch with the newest update.  If I try downloading the new itunes from the website, will it keep all of my music in it same as before?

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    Hey, same here!  And my daughter is having the same problem on her I-Tunes and her computer.  So we know it's not our computers!  You get the download button & click on it & it looks like it is starting to download, but then nothing!  I have never had a problem downloading the updates before,and all those updates were successful.  Obviously this is Apple's fault & problem.  I hope they are looking at these messages & can find the problem.  In the meantime, after reading some other posts here where people WERE able to download the new 10.6.3 - those people are now having problems with their I-Tunes.  So I think I will just leave well enough alone for now and stay with my 10.6.l.  -- as they say  "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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    I actually did try downloading the update off of iTunes website and it wouldn't let me do it that way either. It kept saying that the download failed.

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    I went ahead and installed the latest version from apple.com and I did not lose any of my music, podcasts, etc.  iTunes updated and I kept all of my stuff.  I can't guarantee the same will happen for you, but you should always have your account backed up somehow because you never know...



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    You mean you didn't uninstall your current Itunes first, just went to apple.com & went to the Itunes section & clicked on the "download new Itunes" button??  Like you were just downloading it for the first time? Advise. Thanks.

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    yes.  I did NOT uninstall.  I just clicked on the download button. hope it works for you.



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    Same problem here. I have a MacBook Pro (bought it new last february) with OS X and Windows 7 Ultimate installed with bootcamp. With OSX, I guess it's Lion 10.7. something (the latetst version), all is fine. But when running Windows 7 and trying to update iTunes, it fails to do so. Nothing really seems to happen. Current iTunes version on Windows 7 is

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    Same thing here.  I was really excited to see that there was an update as I've had an issue (along with many, many others) of songs stopping after 15 seconds while previewing.  I thought the update might fix that issue but I can't get it to do the update.  Never had an issue before.

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    I found this thread and it gave me hope because so many other people have the same problem -- but no solution


    I am trying to update my son's computer and I'm a windows person, so a lot of this goes over my head.  But here goes.  He has an itouch which is a year old and it turns out he never synched it (not a big deal as he has very little on it).  But when I tried to sync I received a message to update to 10.5 or higher.  I've tried using the update option under Apple, installing from the apple site repeatedly and the system freezes up and stops doing anything after about half an hour.  After three hours the bar still shows the same place.  Really frustrating, especially as he has gotten along just fine so far without backing up.  But naturally now I'm commited.


    Any ideas?  I don't even know how to check and see what version of an operating system he has so he could be really out of date there as well.  He's running the macbook, laptop.  1 year old.


    Any help would be appreciated.