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I cannot get my MbPro to rejoin my wireless network. It tells me that I either have an incorrect password or chosen the wrong type of security etc, none of which is the casel


The problem arose after I wanted to transfer some large Aperture libraries from my MacBook to my Macpro. I used an Ethernet connection straight from the laptop to the MP rather than the wireless for a faster transfer. So disabled the wifi, did the transfer but know cannot connect to the network. I've done this many times before and never had a problem. I am surprised that the laptop just didn't remember my password from my keychain anyhow.


Any suggestions please.


By the way I am not using my Airoprt base station due the ISP providing the hardware. Tried to use the Abs to extend the network but although it shows up as working it seems to block connection so stopped using it.

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    Hmm, it could be an issue with the keychain. Try to remove all airport network passwords from the chain and see what happens.  Also give the first-aid a try.


    And if stll problems, let's get nasty and drag your SystemConfiguration folder into the trashcan.  Then reboot.

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    Tried all sorts then cxhecked all my other devices and noted that they werent working on the wireless netwrok either. Rebooted the router and that sorted it.