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The question is in the title.


I've got a 2 years old macbook pro and I'd like to connect it to my TV to be able to view on the TV screen the content of my mac (sound and video).


My TV is an old one, not an HD TV.


I know there's the right adaptator out there but there's so much choice and all this HDMi, VGA etc just confuses me : what should I pick ?


Thanks for your help,

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    So of course you've corrected the title : "What is the right PLUG to connect my macbook pro to my TV ?"


    OK so a bit more info : my TV is a Sony Trinitron TV.

    It has the yellow/red/white plugs. I don't believe it has anything more sophisticated or recent than that.


    Thanks for your help !