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Hi Guys,


My computer was running really slow, so I decided to reload the operating system. I'm running 10.7.4 on a MacBook Air that was purchased almost 12 months ago. Instead of restoring from Time Machine I just copied my Documents, Music, and Photos to an external HD, then erased the internal HD, reloaded Lion, and ran all the updates. I re-installed iLife '11, ran software update again so it would update those apps as well. I copied the old iphoto library into my "Pictures" folder, then went to open iPhoto and the following came up.


In order to open iPhoto, you need to update to the latest version.

Please run Software Update to install it now.


So I run Software Update, and it says everything is up to date. Go back to iPhoto, same thing. Shut down and restart, same thing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


- Jared


PS, did the same thing with my music folder and iTunes, and everything there is working seamlessly.


Screen Shot 2012-06-16 at 6.59.40 PM.png

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)