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So I was on my phone using Safari when all of a sudden it shuts off and will not respond, I tried the awake+menu and alas to no avail so I plugged it in to my wall charger and it powers on saying that it's at 100% and that it's Wednesday December31 at 7:01 then says a restore is necessary and is now randomly shutting off and on. In addition the time is changing within a few minutes of what it was before every time it comes back on. It also says cannot make or receive calls and that a restore from iTunes is necessary and it says apple.com/support. But I am not with my computer and will not be so for another couple days. Is there anyway I can do this from my phone it will not allow me to access Wi-Fi or 3G the signal bar says Searching... Lastly, when disconnected from the cord it will cut off and not respond. Sorry this was long, and somewhat crazy, but any help will be much appreciated!!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1