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Why doesn't itunes recognize my ipos shuffle - I can't download from my pc to my ipod. It doesn't show under devices - what am I doing wrong??

iPod shuffle, Windows 7
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    Is this something that worked before, and is no longer working for some reason?  Or is this the first time you are connecting this iPod to this computer?


    Which iPod shuffle model... the current one (4th gen)?

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    This is the first time using it and it is a 4th generation. Any suggestions? I know it is charged and I have the latest version of Itunes on my computer but I don't see anything showing devices when I am in itunes other than when i go into my account and see manage devices which only shows my pc.

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    Just to make sure you are looking at the right place in iTunes, in the iTunes window, there is a sidebar along the left side of window.  When the iPod shuffle is connected to USB, does it say "DEVICES" in the sidebar?  If so, the iPod shuffle's name should appear below DEVICES (you may need to click Show next to DEVICES).


    When you connected it for the first time, iTunes should have asked you about setting up the shuffle.  If that did not happen, there is some problem.


    Basic troubleshooting would be to shut down (power off) the computer.  At the same time, use this reset procedure on the shuffle




    Then, start up computer, with shuffle NOT connected.  Run iTunes.  Connect the shuffle.


    If this is a recent purchase, you can contact Apple's official tech support by phone 




    (where it says "Phone")


    or, if you have an Apple Store nearby, make a reservation at the Genuis Bar



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    When I go into itunes on the left sidebar all that shows is Library/ Store/ Genius/ and Playlists - nothing says devices. Should I uninstall itunes and reinstall or do you think it is the ipod? If I would uninstall will I lose the songs I downloaded?

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    If it has never worked before, and the shuffle does not appear in iTunes (or in WIndows device manager), I would suspect that the shuffle is bad (or maybe the USB cable is bad).  Make sure you try more than one USB port, and if you are using a USB hub to connect it, try a port that is directly on the computer.


    (If you uninstall iTunes, the media files should still be on your computer where they are currently stored.  However, you may need to re-add them to your library after installing iTunes again.)

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    I know got a new ipod shuffle and am still having the same issue - is it possible that the usb I get with the shuffle will not work on my computer because the port works for other devices I have?????

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    It should work with standard USB 2.0 ports, as long as it's not a REALLY old computer that only has USB 1.1 ports.  The port does need to supply sufficient power, however, because the iPod needs to recharge its battery from the port.  You profile says you run Windows 7, which meets the OS requirement.


    If you have not tried this already, shut down your computer and disconnect ALL USB devices.  Then, connect only standard mouse and keyboard, and power it up.  Run iTunes.  Connect shuffle to one of the direct USB ports.  That will maximize USB bus power available for the shuffle.


    If that works, I would get a self-power USB hub.  A USB hub with its own power supply does not rely on the computer for USB power.  So, if you connect the shuffle to the USB hub, it should not have this problem.  Here is an example of such a hub.




    There are many choices, but make sure it has its own power supply.  Cheaper hubs use the port's power.

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    Well tried it and with no success. I have an HP laptop running windows 7 and I didn't have anything plugged into the ports after shutting down completely and starting it up and then clicked on itunes and plugged in the ipod and nothing happened. I then ran a diagnostics through itunes and they say an ipod is not found.....very frustrating. Is it that the ipod again is junk or is there something else I can try??

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    Since it has never worked previously, it's possible that you got a defective one.  Or it's possible that the shuffle is fine, but the USB cable that came with it is defective. Actually, I just read backwards in this thread and saw that you already got a new one, so if that's a replacement for the same model shuffle, it would be odd to get two in a row with the same problem...


    If you have an Apple Store nearby, you should make a reservation at the Genius Bar.  If possible, take your HP laptop along.  They can determine if you have a bad cable or a bad shuffle (or maybe there is something unusual about your laptop), and you can see about getting a replacement (either way). 


    You can also contact Apple's tech support directly, using the Contact Us link at the bottom right corner of this web page.  Note the part that says, "Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad customers within 90 days of ownership are eligible for complimentary phone support — one support incident per iPod and unlimited incidents per Mac, iPhone and iPad."