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I can't download any widgets from apple's dashboard widget download page.  I click on the "download" button of a selected widget, and it immediately takes me to the homepage of all apple downloads without doing anything.  I've tried on safari & firefox, but the same thing happens.  I just bought this computer the other day, so I'm running the latest versions of everything.  Does anyone know what might be wrong?




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Hi Kevin,


    I'm having exactly the same problem on my new iMac running Lion, also on my MacBook Pro running Leopard.

    Is this a problem with the website?



  • thomas_r. Level 7 (30,727 points)

    There is evidently a problem with the site.  This has been going on for several days.  I've alerted the hosts here to the problem, but have heard nothing about the issue, so I don't know whether it's simply taking time to get fixed or if it's just part of that downloads page gradually fading into obsolescence.  Hopefully it will get fixed soon, but in the meantime try searching for the widget you're interested in on Google to see if you can find an alternate download site.

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    Same problem here on several browsers and machines. Seems to be everywhere. I was actually kind of surprised that this was the only post about this issue!

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    I am having the same problem. I dunno what to do either.

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    Well, almost a year later and still can't download widgets to the OS 10.8.6.  Bummer, because I really don't like to download from unauthorized sites, but if Apple can't provide it, what are you gonna do?

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    This is redicilous, almsot literaly a year and nothing have been done to address this issue. Halo??? Apple Support??? What is the use of posting problems if you guys don't respond to? I also don't like downloading from unauthorized websites, but looks like we don't have any other choice. A lot of Mac users make use of the dashboard. I use it daily! So fix this problem please

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    I was just in the Support Community trying to find the solution to this problem and there were jusy questions like these and no answers. As a very longtime user of Macs and just recently upgrading to Macbook Retina with OS 10.8, after going through the "learning curve" I'm coming to the conclussion Apple is more interested in their iDevices (phone, pad, etc.) than their Macs and the folks who use them. Oh well.