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AfflatusX Level 1 (0 points)

Hi All,


I got the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display this week and I installed Windows 8 Release Preview with Boot Camp. The reason I used Windows 8 is because the Retina Display is not supported in Windows 7 yet.


The dual boot and drivers are all fine. The only problem is that the keyboard doesn't work as how normal windows keyboard... For instance, the function keys only work when fn is pressed, or they are basically doing special tasks like changing the brightness, etc.


I know this is the default behavior in Mac OS and you can set it through keyboard settings. I also know that Boot Camp in Windows should be able to deal with that too. However, when I try to launch Boot Camp in Windows 8, it always give me me this error:



Boot Camp


An error occurred while trying to access the startup disk settings.



You may not have privileges to change the startup disk. Make sure you have administrative privileges and try again.





I used to use the 27 inch apple display with Windows 7 before, so I know this is realted to the fact that the system is using AHCI driver instead of ATA driver for the harddisk. Seems like with Boot Camp 4.0 and Windows 8 Release Preview, the system natively boots into and supports AHCI mode. I verified that in the device manager in Windows 8.


So, how can I use boot camp in Windows 8 with AHCI driver? If I cannot do that, is it possible to get back to ATA mode? Or, is it possible to change the behavior of the keyboard without using boot camp? (Of course I can use the default driver for the keyboard I guess, which basically make Fn doesn't work and make "delete" doesn't work since delete = fn + backspace).


If none of them are possible, when will Apple update boot camp to run with Windows 8? Or, when will Apple release the retina graphics driver for windows 7?





MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4), Windows 8 Preview Release
  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    There are bugs with using Apple drivers and you can bet that no one knows when Apple might release something, they tried releasing Boot Camp 3.0 before Windows 7 RTM though at the end of RC, rushed to say the least to put it on snow leopard DVDs months before 7 was ready, resulting in buggy drivers.


    Luckily Boot Camp Assistant works. Bad news: they could tie Windows 8 drivers and support to Mountain Lion. Some Macs would fully support 8 but not 10.8.  Posting the drivers seems to be ignored // out of the question and has never been done. Nor does Apple's software udpate in Windows seem to be used for Boot Camp related drivers.

  • Mnight Level 1 (0 points)

    Have you solved your problem yet ? I have same problem for macbook air mid 2012, I can't access bootcamp control panel in Window 8 Release Review. So, I can't setup the track pad for right click, tap to click...

  • AfflatusX Level 1 (0 points)

    Sadly, the answer is no.


    However, seems like the situation isn't too bad. If you installed boot camp driver, you should be able to use two finger touch + click to right click. There isn't a way for us to tap to click unless apple officially fix the boot camp...


    Not sure if you had any problem with keyboard. In case you have, my approach to solve the problem is to uninstall the keyboard driver installed by boot camp. This will turn all those F1-F12 to work normally without needing Fn to be pressed. Also, I installed a software called KeyTweak (free) to alter the position of my Command and Option key so that it acts more like regular keyboard. Also I mapped right Command to Delete key.


    Of course, Apple should be hurry to fix these issues but in the mean time, these are the tips I can give you.



  • Mnight Level 1 (0 points)

    I just have problem with the trackpad. I can't use the two fingers, secondary click without setup in the Trackpad-Bootcamp Control Panel frist.


    My keyboard, Fn function, Brightness, Volume work fine.  However, after changing the Bootcamp properties, reinstall it many times, my bootcamp doesn't start automatically when start up, I have to open it manually.


    I will come back to window 7, and wait for the update from Apple.

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    I also can not open boot camp on my new MBP with windows 8 CP. So I can not modify the brightness and the trackpad. I believe the brightness somehow is relating to the display driver since there is no display driver for windows 8 now.


    But I did manage to make the trackpad work. You need to install trackpad++

    (, it will enable the trackpad driver on boot camp. After you install the trackpad++, trackpad++ will complain something. ingnore it.  You should be able to enable trackpad. And you can now even uninstall the  trackpad++, the trackpad will sill work.



    Macbook Pro, summer 2012

    Windows 8 CP x64

  • AfflatusX Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the tip for the trackpad.


    About the brightness, what graphics card are you using? It might be due to the auto adjusting brightness running there. You can go to your power options, edit the one you are using  (Change plan settings >> Change advanced power settings) and look for Batteries >> Enable adaptive brightness and disable the one you are using. After that, the scrollbar for adjusting brightness in power options should work again.



  • dwight007 Level 1 (0 points)

    I found this which solved my display brightness problem..hope it helps rk-screen-problems/

  • windx Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you and AfflatusX for providing me the suggestion.


    I tried that but it still wont work for me. I am not sure what graphics card I am using. But I just got my Macbook Pro 13' in less than one month and I check the configure, it should be Intel HD Graphics 4000 processor since mine is 13' and only the 15' has the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics processor which is called Retina display.


    I checked the Device manager and found that I actually only have the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, which means that there is no actually right display driver for the x64 Windows 8 CP .


    I even tried to get the latest beta version display driver for  Intel HD Graphics 4000. It was installed with no error. But after I restarted the computer, the display became black and I could not see anything. I had to use the windows install disk to restore to the original basic original display driver.


    To sum, there is no correct display driver for my MBP right now. This cause the video can not be played smoothly ( still OK but  not smooth). It also possibly makes the screen too bright. :-(

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    Safe mode should always still boot and let you go to device manager and rollback a driver; or grab Driver Sweeper 3.2 and that will. Intel Downloads Center 4000 driver is up and didn't look to be beta to me.


    Besides Device Manager an easy way to see devices, firmware even, driver versions is AIDA64


    In OS X System Profile should show what graphic devices you have. As well as the specs page - they have rearranged specs and manuals a bit

  • windx Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, thank you very much for all the suggestion.


    For the x64 win8, I think the driver is beta: s&ProductLine=Processor+graphics&ProductProduct=3rd+Generation+Intel%C2%AE+Core% E2%84%A2+Processors+with+Intel%C2%AE+HD+Graphics+4000%2f2500&ProdId=3498&LineId= 3310&FamilyId=39


    somehow I can not get the options to select  safe mode or normal mode during windows starting by press F8 on my MBP. All I can is either come into the normal windows or by configue msconfig and reboot into safe mode.

  • Sobonet Level 1 (0 points)

    Have the same problem with Windows 8 and the rMBP here. Can't get to open the Apple Bootcamp System Utility in Windows: "An error occurred while trying to access the startup disk settings.". No solution to this yet?

  • windx Level 1 (0 points)

    After updating from Consumer Preivew to Release Preview, my system automatically installed the intel graphic 4000 driver. Now I can adjust the brightness and the screen not too bright for me.


    Also, by intalling the trackpad++ and uninstall it, I was be able to enable the tackpad.


    Still, I could not open the Boot Camp, but it seems for now I can live without the options in boot camp.

  • tjementum Level 1 (0 points)

    I got/get the same error when trying to launch the "Boot Camp Control Panel", but I just stumpled upon a solution.


    I created a new Windows user, that was not Administrator. When I logged in Boot Camp updateded something and asked me to restart the computer.


    After restarting and logging in with my new user, I could start the "Boot Camp Control Panel" configure tap to click and use F1-F12 as function keys.


    Then I changed the new account to Administrator and now the control panel can not be startet again... but my settings remained... only on the new user only though.


    I havn't tried changing the original user to "standard" and back to "admin", but I hope it works.


    I don't have any problems with my bightness, keyboardbacklid or volumen controls or other fn keys.


    PS: I'm running Windows 8 RP on the Macbook Retina.

  • AfflatusX Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow, how did you find that trick...


    I'll try it out when I'm back to home. Thanks for posting the solution here !



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